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  1. LOL! I know right! I looked at the guy at the counter and was like what! Anyway, if I could have afforded to get them I would have. Hate to see rare pies get scrapped but I just couldn't swing it. I did get the HUD, I can't remember if I got the cable, and I did get the HUD adjuster switch. I did grab the AQ9 front seat controls. So a lot of the International parts got saved.
  2. Thank you from all of us who missed out on getting the rims we need, especially if they are on the rare side. Remember this 92 International sedan? I was so excited to see they left the rims on it but then they wanted $80 bucks a tire/rim and I couldn't afford to get them at the time. I just couldn't win. About 99% of the time they pull the rims off and immediately scrap them. Maybe they knew how special they were this time. Oh this makes me sad again seeing it.
  3. Didn't feel like getting under the car and working on the tank so I decided to clean the filthy seats instead. Really happy with the results! I used Resolve, Turtle Wax Upholstery cleaner, and rented a Rug Doctor with the car attachment to pull all the gunk out. I want to do it again a few more times and also do the carpets. I ran out of time so just focused on the seats. Driver's seat. Left rear before. After. Right rear, it was the cleanest of all but did it anyway. Passenger seat was the worst of all by far. Really bad dark spots and I was worried it wasn't going to come out but all of it did thank God.
  4. Oh well, I'm just so glad I have one now! I've already use some info from it. Thanks again bud!
  5. The yards I go to unfortunately take the rims off the cars and just scrap them before they put them out in the pull area. People don't have access to them, such a waste. Other yards across the country don't do this and it makes me mad the yards in my region do.
  6. I would have never thought of that. Really ruins a lot of rear seats though.
  7. I think junkyards do that to the seats, maybe for fuel pump or gas tank access or something? The yards in my area do the same thing to all the cars that get processed. It's always sad to see a W-body meet it's end. Sometimes that's the only way for us to get parts though.
  8. Big thanks to Jay! He grabbed me these LQ1 motor pieces that I need for the STE. They will make a big difference in the appearance and correctness of it's engine bay. Also, he grabbed me an extra cam cover and these little booklets. They have awesome information regarding our W's including torque specs. I've never seen them before or even heard of them so I think they are kinda rare, maybe not, but I am so thankful he grabbed this stuff for me. I really needed this little spark plug holder for the front wires as my STE's is missing I think and the wires are just thrown everywhere. I also put in my spare cluster and the rest of the dash/HUD so that I can watch her vitals when I first start her up in over 10 years of not running!
  9. Fantastic! Those will make some guys very happy, thanks for doing this!
  10. I'm out, sorry guys.
  11. Nice! I hope you can get those rims! Yeah, if you can afford it, I would grab those lights and spoiler if they are undamaged. Getting harder to find I think and some members might want them.
  12. Hey, thanks for remembering me and I appreciate you looking but Jay already got me the things I need. Here's the other things I would like if it's so equipped. CD player, factory cup holder in front center console (for MemphisMan), how are the rear spoiler and tail lights? Guys are always looking for those. Also, that front strut tower brace is another item guys are interested in. Thanks for the great pics and following up with us!
  13. I plan to use Google when I go to California soon. I always take maps with me when going to new destinations just in case.
  14. Started working on dropping the fuel tank for the fuel pump replacement. Might have done something wrong and caused me extra work but that's ok. It's already done. The jack stand rubber pads worked great and so did the rubber wheel blocks. I'm going to get another set and use them to possibly block the trailer so it doesn't move as I pull the STE up on the trailer. Filler neck tube and vent tube disconnected. I think this is the connector for the fuel pump, disconnected. Since the International lived in Oklahoma all it's life, everything is so pristine underneath, no rust and bolts are so easy to break loose. Is this the original sending unit part number tag? Disassembled the filler neck to give me more wiggle room down below. I also removed the rear quarter splash shield. That's just red Oklahoma dirt, not rust LOL! I ran out of time and need to look at some old threads. I think Imp said that you don't have to disconnect the two rubber lines up above the rear of the tank in order to drop the tank? I also consulted with 55trucker. I partially removed the left side rear tank strap and may have caused me extra work. If I don't need to remove those two hoses/lines, I'm going to take out the two front bolts on the tank straps, much easier to get to.
  15. Update Jimmy, got started on the fuel tank coming down but ran into a snag. I wanted to take the rear bolts off of the tank straps but now maybe I should have done the front. I need to look at Imp's post and see if those hoses on top of the tank need to be disconnected or not. If not, I'm going to drop the tank straps from the front of the tank, make it easier on myself. I'll post pics here in a little bit. I'm heading out May 21st to bring home the STE! So excited! I'll take pics of my journey off course and post them.
  16. I'm doing this mostly as a historical reference when I need to pull the cluster again. Hopefully those of you who have these options will benefit as well. My memory isn't the best as I'm getting older so I need to make it easier on myself. On the install, pull the bolts from the bezels where the ac/heater vents are housed. Loosen the two rear bolts for the HUD bracket once you pull the front HUD bolts and the HUD out of it's hole. This will allow you to move around the bracket to make room for the cluster to GO BEHIND THE HUD BRACKET TABS so you can slip the cluster up and over the plastic placement mounts for the cluster. I fought this for awhile forgetting that's what you have to do, again, my memory is shot. You'll have to go in from the top for the two rear HUD bracket bolts since the cluster will be in the way now for access to the front. From there, replace all bolts for HUD bracket and cluster and plug all your connections and you should be good to go.
  17. I would like to do a video of it at least. I could do a walk around to tie everyone over. Never done a video though yet.
  18. I laughed for about 5 mins! I know, I know. Gotta be patient my friend. Want to do it right and I'm savoring the actual act of fixing things as I go.
  19. We all wish that for you! If I didn't already have 3 W's, I would be rolling up in your driveway with the money.
  20. I agree. I'm going thru that process right now. I've decided to replace the broken lines with either good junkyard ones or make my own. I ordered some new nylon tubing last night actually. Here is my original broken cruise control vacuum line going to the accumulator. The line holder block is missing too. I'm also using the plastic protective wrap in the areas that are either missing it or replacing the broken ones with good ones. Once I start on replacing the LIM gaskets, I will tackle the other vacuum lines when I'm in there. Stole the good complete system from my parts car and transferred it over, including the line block holder. That grey spot was some dirt I missed! The T splitter was all messed up as well, now the lines are going and connected where they're suppose to be.
  21. Beautiful! I hope it goes to a good home and good luck! What a rare one.
  22. Had a long day with the International but it paid off. I went down to the junkyard and grabbed a perfect master cylinder cap. The GM dealer said they weren't available anymore and they ordered me the wrong one. Oh well. I also switched over the cruise control accumulator and plastic vacuum lines. The 91 car had a broken line and was missing the holder entirely. I lucked out again with the 89 parts car as it had a perfect intact system with holder. I also practiced on some junkyard cars to figure out how not to break the line and holder. This vacuum line section was also a mess but not anymore! The driver's side inner fender was damaged/missing and the parts car saved the day again! Here's what was on the white car, what's left of it anyway. Parts car with complete inner fender plastic and hardware. Tabs were rusty but still worked with holding the screws. My original worn out decal cap and broken vacuum line. Line holder is missing.
  23. Nope, I didn't. I was careful and it turned out great. Just had to be patient. I'm trying to get rid of the rubber hose repairs.
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