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  1. I am trying to downsize and concentrate on fewer projects. Over the next few weeks I would like to get rid of at least one car and a bunch of parts. I do not have sufficient posts and probably never will to list stuff in the for sale section. Thanks to ziggity76 and digital outsider my original post has been moved here. I am still learning how to navigate this forum so bear with me on replies and posting pictures. The car is a 1992 Z34 getrag 284. It is basically complete but has been sitting outdoors for about 15 years. I bought it used in 1997 and at that time it had 90,000+ miles. My son drove it to high school and in college. When the original engine started knocking we installed a used engine from a 1991 Z34. After a while it started knocking also - I think the Centerforce clutch we installed has too much side thrust for the crankshaft to handle. It now shows over 130,000 miles, but I really can't verify how accurate that is since I am not the original owner. I want to offer it here first before scrapping it since there is probably a need for some of the parts. It would have to be trailered. I want $400. If there is no interest I will sell for scrap. I am in Delaware. The car has a good title. I also have miscellaneous used and NOS parts (mostly used) for this car that I collected over the years. I am not ready to list them just yet. The used parts include a couple of bumper covers, body cladding, console, taillights, interior trim, automatic transmission, original engine. NOS parts include correct GM front struts, the long gray woodgrain dash trim, a couple of splash shields, license plate holder/back up lights, coolant expansion tank. Want to sell these as a package. Will place a new post after I inventory, take some pictures and am able to set a price. Kind regards, Adolph John Rydzewski, Newark, Delaware
  2. I have a 1992 Z-34 whole car with a Getrag 284. I want $500 for the whole car. The engine knocked when I parked it about 12 years ago. Unfortunately I'm on the east coast (Delaware) and do not want to sell it piecemeal. Let me know if interested. Adolph John Rydzewski Newark, Delaware
  3. I have a 1992 Lumina Z34 with a knocking engine and Getrag 284 5-speed. I have not run it for several years because of the knock. The transmission shifted well when parked. It has a Centerforce clutch. Will only sell as a complete vehicle and will not ship. I am in Delaware. $600 complete. John
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