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  1. 3.4 DOHC --- complete with sub frame & steering rack --$450
  2. Black car, very solid body, corrosion around battery box, needs paint, new crossover, gray interior needs to be installed.
  3. The Red one runs but needs a gas line. The black one turns over but will not start.
  4. Getting down to the wire. $1800 for all Pontiac TGP stuff.
  5. No. Purchased on w-body or TGP forum years ago.
  6. THREE complete TGP ABS master cylinder assemblies. $65 each.
  7. Three pairs of hood Louvers for 89-90 TGP. 2 red & 1 black. $50 set.
  8. Pair of headlights and parking lights for 89-90 TGP. $65.
  9. I pair of new 89-90 TGP headlights. $120
  10. Only 2 weeks to the move. Willing to deal, not really interested in getting involved with shipping.
  11. Willing to take offers on individual parts.
  12. Moving time is getting closer.
  13. Grand Prix service manuals and Scanning tools.
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