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  1. GabsOlds

    FS: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri. $500)

    This car is about to get abused beyond recognition. I give it till next summer, tops.
  2. GabsOlds

    Unusual Knock from my Cutlass

    Glad she's purring again. I take it the job included a new timing belt, pulleys, and tensioner. Thats probably how they got bent to begin with.
  3. GabsOlds

    Free engine covers!

    I'll take one. Shipping to 43311. Let me how much that is.
  4. GabsOlds

    Ignition switch replacement

    A loose or corroded battery terminal can cause weird stuff. Clean and tighten your battery terminals, if issue still occurs, clean your ground points. Also check the date on your battery. If it's too old, it could cause issues. Then drive to a parts store and have them test the battery, and the charging system. Rule these simple things out first, then proceed to the starter, and ignition switch.
  5. GabsOlds

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    Damn! Hope you figure it out.
  6. GabsOlds

    Top Raising.

    Yes there is. Run the top up, then down, and open the reservoir fill plug. Tighten the plug, and repeat a couplr more times. There is a step by step procedure. Try Google search. And you are right, the O. P. should try bleeding the system. Then make sure all the fittings at the pump, and cylinders are tight. That is how air could have been introduced into the system: replacing the cylinder, or loose fittings.
  7. GabsOlds

    lim gaskets

    Exactly what he's trying to warn you about!! The torque for those bolts is lower than both of your torque wrenches start at.
  8. GabsOlds

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    Sounding like the transmission didn't just die after all. Update us once you've replaced it. Hopefully before the end of fall.
  9. GabsOlds

    94 olds vert neverending project thread

    I say go ahead and close this thread. At this point, it's archives material.
  10. GabsOlds

    New member

    MattMac, welcome to the club. Congratulations on the GP.
  11. GabsOlds

    New member

    Whoa! That white interior is beautiful!
  12. Haha! Alright, mate. Whenever you get a chance.
  13. And you didn't take pictures. Just when i was beginning to think you were a swell guy.
  14. GabsOlds

    Need to do some fabrication...

    Whoa! That is extensive! Damn!
  15. GabsOlds

    Top Raising.

    Hmm! . That's a tricky situation. The only thing i can think of is maybe one of the lines is restricting the fluid. To test for this, you can label the lines, pull them off the cylinder and shoot fluid into a bucket. Please use caution and wear safety glasses. Test the bottom fluid lines first, with the other ones still on the cylinders. Then reconnect the bottom and test the upper lines. This way you can rule out the flow in the lines. You can put some transmission fluid in the bucket before you hit the top button, this way fluid doesn't hit the bottom of the bucket and splash everywhere. If your lines flow the same, then your frame is binding mechanically. Or the cylinder you installed also has blow-by. Good luck..