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  1. Mine had a tonne of dust. If you're gonna replace it in another couple of years,........... Get the picture? Do it now.. Problem will be the lead time to get it. They are made to order. But i advise that you do it now.
  2. Good luck, and congratulations on taking on the endeavor. I hope you are also doing the header. This is the best time to replace it. The hardest part of the job i personally encountered was installing the rear tack strip. Order a new one, because the old one will be dry and cracked, so it won't hold the staples. It has a metal channel that it is housed in, and you cannot pull it through the channel to install it. You will have to painstakingly spread the channel apart, lay the strip in it, then fold the sides back down over the strip. I did check with an automobile interior installation shop; there is no machine for drawing the tack strip through the channel. Take lots of pictures before you disassemble, AND as you go along. God speed.
  3. Sad about the light cloisonne blue convertible. I reckon that's Jakes old car that he sold to a kid that trashed it?
  4. Too bad these don't fold in, even by hand would have been great.
  5. Good luck. Hope somebody doesn't snatch it while you're waiting.
  6. Thank you very much. I could never have figured that out. I was always trying the other direction.
  7. Guys, i searched, even on Google. Nothing found at all. My 94 cutlass supreme convertible doesn't play the radio unless i turn the car ON. Shouldn't the ignition have an Acc ON position before the the battery light comes ON?
  8. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Did you ever figure thus out?
  10. Hahaha! You picked up on the name quickly! It is the only one in Botswana (probably the only one in Southern Africa). I get looks and compliments everywhere I go. Plus the fact that the steering wheel is on the wrong side ! That makes it hard to pass on the 2-lane roads, but thankfully the 3.4L engine makes it quick work once i get a look around the car in front of me . You might have seen the top on my gallery pictures. The original top was black, but i figured since it was gonna be living in the African sun, white would be better since it reflects the heat. Thanks for the compliment.
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