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  1. Also, I have to say the more I look into things, I'm finding some interesting details about the 1988 Convertibles. The going story is that 50 1988 Indy 500 Pace Car Convertibles were made, then sold but recalled because of the lack of structural rigidity added causing numerous issues such as windows not sealing and door alignment being off. Subsequently, people say that this is the reason there was no '89 convertible, because they suddenly had much to figure out structurally. But I've read in a April 1988 article from the Chicago Tribune: "Olds will build 50 pace car convertibles in cooperation with Cars & Concepts, the custom house, to test the Heads Up Display. Consumers for the test have been chosen by participating dealers. The cars will be sold after the test is over. Olds won`t build a Cutlass Supreme convertible in 1989, so the 50 cars will be instant collectibles." So, Olds didn't stop building convertibles because the 88 was so bad, they'd always planned to not build an 89. I'm surprised to read that the 50 convertibles were "tested" for some period of time before being sold. What was being tested, the HUD? And if you bought one of these "test" cars, why would you be so surprised that it could have issues? Did they do the testing, and recall the vehicles (never getting to the point of selling them)? But this goes against what I've read - that a dealer personally commented he'd sold 2 at his dealership. Maybe they were given to the dealers with an agreement that they would have consumers test the cars, but instead the dealers sold the cars from the get go? Or did they sell the test car to the person testing it once the tests were done?
  2. I'm having a hard time finding actual numbers on how many 1988 Indy 500 Pace cars were made (convertible or coupe) Generally I think it can be agreed that there were 50 convertible pace cars (and yet I've also read press releases where Olds reps have said they'd release 40 to the general public) Now for the coupes, some say there were 200, some say 250. Here is something interesting I found for CONVERTIBLES specifically, a memo from Oldsmobile (on Olds letterhead 1988 date) saying: 1 Prototype - Pilot car will be kept in engineering fleet 1 Production Vehicle - Use for barrier certification 54 Production Vehicles - Will be sale-able vehicles --------------------- 56 Total Vehicles Built by C+C Inc. 2 Pace Cars are having the HUD system added 2 Lookalike pace cars are having the HUD system added -------------------- 40 Total vehicles with HUD systems (not sure on the math here??)
  3. I agree, don't use it for long periods, traps water/humidity and messes up the paint/clear! Happened to me personally on one of my first cars.
  4. I wonder if it was a grease pencil? But you'd think would have come off with what you tried... I had grease pencil on glass and only thing that took it off was Lysol All Purpose Cleaner- cut the grease.
  5. Really cool pics of those drafts!! Amazing what drawing skills people have.. Also cool to see where the reinforcements are exactly, I do have that Vol.2 - never knew it contained those vert reinforcement locations. I was recently watching an old GM video and I remember them talking about another model that also skipped a year to sort out the convertible reinforcement stuff. I was just interested to hear that it wasn't strictly an Olds problem heh.
  6. Yep- correct you guys... it was the ring off the gasket. When he showed me the gasket initially, it looked like it had no metal rings - not knowing what it was supposed to look like I thought ok on that.. But the whole explanation on the thread/smooth surface didn't make sense to me. I pulled out an old W-Body parts book and looked up the part # then looked that up online where I saw what the gasket really looks like. Thats where I was like damn, thats the ring from the gasket and maybe the other ring fell off or was stuck to the underside of that coolant pipe. The other ring was still on the old gasket just the gasket was so smushed it wasn't easily visible. I went in this morning with printed pics of the gasket (and part number hah) and asked does this make sense (gasket ring corroded onto the timing cover) ? He was like nono... but if you want, we can take a look. Went out and exactly what GTP091 said, flat screwdriver pushed it right off. They put a new gasket on, topped off the coolant, burped out the air and that was that.. Manager made it all free (not that they were out a whole lot) as it was a misdiagnosis. What was so funny was when I headed inside with the mechanic, he was like hey I have some of those gaskets right here. I honestly can't tell if it was just a dumb mistake, or if they were trying to "keep the lights on". The day I came in they were happy to take it in because they weren't very busy heh heh... Had I not taken that picture, and had I not bothered looking up what the gasket looked like, I woulda had no clue, and woulda been charged $1200! I can't imagine what the average person gets taken for!
  7. Yeah not really my mechanic.. but the nearest place that was open that would take it... car had/has to go into winter storage yesterday or today latest (they schedule the time) and I thought hell.. a small shop should be able to replace a gasket or hose for me so I could make the time to get the car into storage. Now they want to replace the timing cover and all the labor to do that..!
  8. Think I might have figured the issue... the gaskets that go between these 2 have metal rings, I'm thinking the raised ring around the thread is one of the metal rings???
  9. It didn't sheer off... what I wonder is if it is a thread insert that is pressed in and it is backing out? The previous owner kept meticulous records on repairs down to bulbs and fuses replaced and even the $1000 he spent overall tracking down an electrical problem. The only questionable item that might be related is an item he lists as "AC gasket repair + antifreeze" Then there was also intake manifold, valve cover, egr, and tbi gaskets all replaced, water pump replacement as well. I guess on any of those maybe something weird like this could have happened?!
  10. So car is at the shop for a coolant leak, they found it to be at the timing cover, saying the one thread is raised and should be smooth, and this is why it is leaking.. is that true? Its a $$$ expensive job for them to replace the timing cover -- all to fix up this thread!
  11. UPDATE: I found a nice enough (NOS) FE-3 badge (better than the one I originally bought) and put it on! I really like the look and am happy with it! I gave it the same positioning as the Oldsmobile logo on the other side. At first I thought it was "in" a bit too much but I like how that makes it stand out, and it is the same distance as the Olds text...
  12. Yup exactly as others have said, its 1 of 50 - all were recalled, if not for crash worthyness, but also fit and finish because of the lack of support after cutting off the top (I've read about doors/tops not closing because of misalignment due to unexpected bending/twisting) . These were made to attract attention to the then new FWD Cutlass. I guess depending on the state you could have it as an off road type vehicle / trailer it anywhere you went if it weren't for that agreement. I'd think the agreement was so old though now, would they even care... heck Olds isn't even around anymore (I would have thought the agreement would be through Olds since as I remember it was early on that they recalled these)! Too bad they can't do a wink wink nudge nudge with a crusher, and say it was destroyed when it really 'disappeared'. Just get a black Cutlass to crush in its place! ha... As far as I've read, lots of the stuff on those is quite unique. Look where the top switch is (think I can see it) and look at the window switches even (late 80's style). Back window is not glass, rear quarter windows are supposed to be custom hand ground down to fit the top. Interior matches my colour and looks even better - man would love to snag all that!
  13. I snagged an FE-3 badge from ebay, and I'm debating - on my all stock car, (which does have the FE-3 suspension) do I put on the badge on the trunk lid? This was not something they did stock in 1991, at least not on the convertible. 2nd option, do I put it maybe on the ash tray door inside the car? 3rd option, just keep it for collectors sakes? 4th option, scan the badge and modify it in photoshop and make it into a decal for the car (maybe it'll come off easier / looks sleeker?)
  14. I always see you posting stuff from that site, but today was my first time visiting it... didn't find that convertible, but seems like a great place to search for cars by location, usually I use co-part.
  15. Looks like a HUD in there too... I love that color, and any time I see a white top I think of my own... a damn shame. I'd love to see the people that give these up, you know.. like what is their story? Old person who can't do anything with it / died, or young person who has no idea the 'value'? In between person who just doesn't care about cars?
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