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  1. pontiac6ksteawd

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Wow.. That Black TGP.. I bet the PowerMaster went bad, and after seeing the price tag of replacement, they parked it in the back 40, and forgot about it. Such a shame.
  2. pontiac6ksteawd

    Later model stock radio with aux input in '97 Lumina

    Those later style radios wont work. They run on a Databus system, and your car simply doesn't have the needed communications. You can buy a direct replacement to that radio that has the AUX thou. They cost 200-300. I believe there is a write up on the forums about adding it to your radio as well. But as far as a direct OEM replacement, do you want to keep a CD or Tape player, or are you ok with loosing them? Its a 50-100 dollar difference. eBay Link EDIT: Looks like there are a couple that even offer a BlueTooth option too!
  3. pontiac6ksteawd

    Front suspension fail

    Looking great!
  4. pontiac6ksteawd

    GP swrc's.

    No screws. Just pry up from the big cross bar. If you pry up from other locations, and you get behind one of those buttons, it will break. Also, try to be sure its the same style of SWRC that your car already has. I swapped to the CD style controller, and half the functions didnt work.
  5. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    I doubt the new owner will come on here. She is a Millennial, and a single mom (last I knew). But one headache down, now you can make the move clean and clear!
  6. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    Yeap. Pretty sure its sold. My friend is sending me pics of her smiling about her new ride.
  7. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    I think the car is sold. Trying to get ahold of GMJ, but hes not answering his phone LOL..
  8. pontiac6ksteawd

    Rotational noise

    You can hear it from inside the car and revving the engine, is that while in gear, or in park/neutral?
  9. pontiac6ksteawd

    Front suspension fail

    Totally repairable. Maybe 300 bucks if you buy the parts new.. And about 75 if you junk yard it. If you do decide its not worth it, let me know.. Been wanting a cutty vert with the 3100/3400 and not the LQ1.
  10. pontiac6ksteawd

    FS: American Racing Aero

    LOL.. To my wife, they are chrome!
  11. pontiac6ksteawd

    Urgent opinion please coolant leak timing cover 3.1L

    Did the bolt sheer off? Thats what it looks like to me. If it didnt, someone may have done a tap and dye with a thread insert, and the insert could be back out?
  12. pontiac6ksteawd

    FS: American Racing Aero

    She said nope, no chrome! Grr.
  13. pontiac6ksteawd

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Judging by the door handles, and the newish tires, they couldnt figure out how to get in the car (broken door handles) and gave up on it.
  14. pontiac6ksteawd

    FS: American Racing Aero

    Will have to talk to the wife on these.. I think these would sharpen up the look of her Aztek
  15. pontiac6ksteawd

    Lumina: How to replace a door

    And with your Lumina, with no power options, it will be even easier. Take the door panel off, and swap the doors. Thats about it.
  16. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    The mom is the one that really needs it. She is currently being daughter and grand daughters taxi. Royal pain for her.
  17. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    Dont worry about that, My friends brother is mechanically inclined, and she is to a certain degree. Daughter, not so much. Windshield is easy, enough glass doctors around. And the door, believe it or not, not required to pass a safety. But they would still replace it, when a door is found, and be good. 2nd one would be the one to be worried about. She is always broke. I sold a car to her once.. Long story.. LOL
  18. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    I may have it sold. 2 friends in St Louis interested. Sending you a message on the phone. 1st is a single mom, havin a hard time making ends meet. Not a very smart girl, but her mom is a dear friend of mine, and I would do anything to help her. Mom is buying the car for her daughter. 2nd is a long time friend, met my wife thru her.
  19. pontiac6ksteawd

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    Im checking with my missouri friends. Will let you know when If I find out anything.
  20. pontiac6ksteawd

    Dumb question?

    Yea, well, you know how it is when you type this stuff out on a small little phone screen with sausage fingers LOL. I think it goes.. Slow your roll Know your role and Shut your hole! LOL
  21. pontiac6ksteawd

    Intake Plenum Removal

    If you have the smooth top (Gen 1 3.1), the throttle unbolted (2 13mm bolts), and the EGR valve unbolted (2 13mm nuts), once you have those off, all that remains in the vacuum port on the rear of the of the plenum. Then you unplug the sensor on the left side of the plenum. Unbolt the 9 (10mm) bolts on top of the plenum. Carefully lifting it up, there is still one more vacuum line under the plenum that cant be reached until the plenum is lifted off. I think thats it, been a couple years since I pulled a plenum off one of these.
  22. pontiac6ksteawd

    Dumb question?

    I dont know the answer to your question, I can tell you, knowing this community for the years that I have been here, you wont get an answer by coming off half cocked like that. Maybe the person doesnt live and breath, or had to find the book to get the socket size. I know you are just trying to get some info for your project, but you have to remember, some of us know the answers to your questions, and we probably arent going to answer when you have what is perceived as an attitude problem. Good luck, and slow your role man.
  23. pontiac6ksteawd

    cutlass wheel options

    Simply put, no. The 90's firebird will have a RWD offset. and your car is a FWD Offset.
  24. pontiac6ksteawd

    Looking for Jeff M

    Well I am glad he didn't fall deathly ill like I had thought. It is a great relief. He was a great help to me and my TGP's.
  25. pontiac6ksteawd

    TGP runs ok, but lacking power

    pull the EGR pipe off the x-over, and run it again. If it runs a lot better, that usually indicates a clogged cat.