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  1. For 35.00+ship. Im selling it as a kit so that for someone that is missing it on their TGP, they have everything they need.
  2. Pretty sure the 2 CD players are sold, unless @jiggity76 Backs out. Will keep everyone updated on that one. If he buys the 2, will still have the one available.
  3. To the 3 people that are waiting (patiently) for shipping quotes, will get them out this Saturday (sooner I hope), Work and kids has my time monopolized pretty good.
  4. Thread is new as of yesterday, so everything at this point is still available, except 2 TGP CD Players.
  5. Not a dome light. Its a under hood light, the light is attached to a 20 foot-ish cord, to allow you to take the light to the rear of the truck to change a tire or something. The dial is a reel, and it allows you to reel in the cord when your done with it.
  6. Thats 810.00 dollars worth of stuff. Give me 500 + Ship for all of it is the package deal.
  7. And the one you all are going to think I am nuts about, but these are rarer than anything I have ever seen. Pulled from a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity. A factory Tachometer that works. 75.00
  8. Pontiac 6000 STE/SE AWD Ground Effects. Incomplete set, just random bits. I know the one for the rear lower bumper guard above the exhaust is really hard to find. Fog lights, from the same car. Mounts are slightly tweaked, but could be easily straightened. I believe these were also used on some of the W-Bodys, but I dont know which one. 40.00 for all
  9. Grey rear seat floor mats. One was pulled from a GTP Grand Prix, the other from an A-Body. When I realized they were not quite the same, I put them in storage. Will clean up well. 10.00 for both.
  10. Power Mirror controls. I believe from many different Pontiacs. 8.00 each
  11. Pontiac 6000 SE/STE AWD Front Grill Emblem. Also on some Pontiac Bonnevilles. Olds Toronado Trofeo C-Pillar Emblem 5.00 each
  12. Power Antennas - 2 of them one is for a W-Body, one is for a A-Body. Which one is which, I dont know. 20.00 for both.
  13. SWI-X PAC Steering Wheel Controller interface. I bought from another member on this site, I never Installed it. 40.00
  14. I believe I pulled this hood light from a Jeep Cherokee (someone may be able to correct me) to install in my TGP. Never got around to it. Wind up style, with magnet light. 15.00
  15. ECM from my Old TGP. Not sure what chip is in it (If Any!). GM Re-manufactured unit. 25.00
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