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    On my 3rd green 95 Olds convert, 8th convertible.


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  1. oldsconvert

    getrag 284 5-speed swap

    Finally found another 5-speed that I paid dearly for. My original Getrag That I drove 1200 miles to get never worked, well, would grind in 3-5th gear. Got it out, to a local shop, they got overwhelmed and sent it to California and they couldn't find the parts to fix it. Got the new transmission but missing a few connection parts. Had to get those sent back from California and it it going together today. Transmission was rebuilt and set aside for a back-up. We will see how it goes. Will show some pictures. Anyone know how to reset the computer so that my cruise control will work with the 5-speed. I had read it somewhere and now can't find it.
  2. oldsconvert

    getrag 284 5-speed

    Desperately seeking a getrag 284 5-speed. Mine is out and not repairable without 5th gear and syncro. Looking for parts or whole trasmission. Beautiful car dead in the shop for 8 months!!
  3. The swap went well, the transmission was bad from the start. 2nd/3rd/4th with a grind on a hard shift. Had to let the RPM's come down with the clutch engaged to slip it in. Was a blast to drive. Found a shop that said they can fix it and now the need the 5th gear and syncro to complete. Dead in the shop for 7 months now. WOuld love a good 284 to put her back to life
  4. oldsconvert

    Getrag 284

    Is the 284 still available with the lumina? My 284 is dead and the car in the shop for 7 months
  5. oldsconvert

    The Holy Grail - Rebuilding the Getrag 284 5TM60

    I did just find a guy who worked for GM and took a bunch of parts with him and supposedly has a bunch of getrag 284's and maybe some complete ones. I lost my 2nd gear on my 284 that I put in my 95 Olds convertible and have been looking for a 2nd gear or whole unit for 6 months. I reply when I know more
  6. oldsconvert

    The Holy Grail - Rebuilding the Getrag 284 5TM60

    So I converted my 95 olds to a getrag 284 and lost my 2nd gear. Have a place in california willing to fix it but they need a donor 2nd gear. Anybody got one. Don't want to miss the summer throwing the shifter
  7. That one is gone already, post is pulled
  8. just found one on craigslist for $150, not sure of condition but I think I can make 1 out the the two parts. Thanks!!
  9. That is all I need is a 2nd gear. Let me know the details. Tom (435) 760-3498
  10. Need a 2nd gear for a GETRAG 284 badly. Will take all or part of a 284 if you can find one.
  11. I have a 284 in my convertible 95 vert that I have lost 2nd gear. My Tranny shop is scouring the country looking for another 284. Anybody know of one? Tom (435)760-3498
  12. Call Don O, he is parting out about 5 cutlass verts. See link
  13. oldsconvert

    1992 Chevy Lumina Z-34 5-speed, parting out

    Getting, the last parts, going to the yard in 2 days. tom 4345-760-3498