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  1. Finally found another 5-speed that I paid dearly for. My original Getrag That I drove 1200 miles to get never worked, well, would grind in 3-5th gear. Got it out, to a local shop, they got overwhelmed and sent it to California and they couldn't find the parts to fix it. Got the new transmission but missing a few connection parts. Had to get those sent back from California and it it going together today. Transmission was rebuilt and set aside for a back-up. We will see how it goes. Will show some pictures. Anyone know how to reset the computer so that my cruise control will work with the 5-speed. I had read it somewhere and now can't find it.
  2. Desperately seeking a getrag 284 5-speed. Mine is out and not repairable without 5th gear and syncro. Looking for parts or whole trasmission. Beautiful car dead in the shop for 8 months!!
  3. The swap went well, the transmission was bad from the start. 2nd/3rd/4th with a grind on a hard shift. Had to let the RPM's come down with the clutch engaged to slip it in. Was a blast to drive. Found a shop that said they can fix it and now the need the 5th gear and syncro to complete. Dead in the shop for 7 months now. WOuld love a good 284 to put her back to life
  4. Is the 284 still available with the lumina? My 284 is dead and the car in the shop for 7 months
  5. I did just find a guy who worked for GM and took a bunch of parts with him and supposedly has a bunch of getrag 284's and maybe some complete ones. I lost my 2nd gear on my 284 that I put in my 95 Olds convertible and have been looking for a 2nd gear or whole unit for 6 months. I reply when I know more
  6. So I converted my 95 olds to a getrag 284 and lost my 2nd gear. Have a place in california willing to fix it but they need a donor 2nd gear. Anybody got one. Don't want to miss the summer throwing the shifter
  7. just found one on craigslist for $150, not sure of condition but I think I can make 1 out the the two parts. Thanks!!
  8. That is all I need is a 2nd gear. Let me know the details. Tom (435) 760-3498
  9. Need a 2nd gear for a GETRAG 284 badly. Will take all or part of a 284 if you can find one.
  10. I have a 284 in my convertible 95 vert that I have lost 2nd gear. My Tranny shop is scouring the country looking for another 284. Anybody know of one? Tom (435)760-3498
  11. Call Don O, he is parting out about 5 cutlass verts. See link
  12. Getting, the last parts, going to the yard in 2 days. tom 4345-760-3498
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