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  1. I was curious, and started looking for W body cars, the Cutlass in particular, at the usual places-EBay, and Craigslist. Considering the large number of these cars made (almost 60,000 just in 1997 alone), they don't seem to be around. I love my 97 Coupe, and even though I live in South Florida, where old cars are common, I rarely see any W body cars. I know rust took a bunch of these out, but what about the western and southern states where rust isn't a problem? I don't even see them in junkyards anymore. Considering how many W bodies were made from 1988-1997, you'd think we would see them more often.
  2. They sure are rare! I get comments whenever I drive my 97 Coupe.
  3. Thanks again, MemphisMan, for posting the specific parts you used. Maybe someone should save this information somewhere so other guys in the future can refer to this?
  4. I just watched a youtube video where a guy did the front strut insert replacement on a 96 Regal sedan. It looks fairly straightforward, with the 2 specialty tools he showed. I'm wondering if the bushings under the metal cap covering the strut assembly are shot. I didn't realize how the struts worked until I watched the video. It would be nice if that would help the problem!
  5. The suspension is all stock, and from what I can tell, sitting slightly lower than new from wear. The car has about 160,000 miles, and I've owned it about 9 years, and I've never replaced the front struts, but like I mentioned, the rears were replaced. When I hit a bump the harshness really seems to be from the front end. Every little bump is felt, and in Cleveland, the roads suck, so it's not a pleasant ride!
  6. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue. I replaced the rear struts, and it really did nothing. They were really worn, so I was surprised. It doesn't pull, or make any obvious weird noises like something is broken, but I feel every little bump in the road. Front struts are next, but I can't imagine they could make up for all the harshness. Is there an obvious particular part that I should look for that's worn? When I got new tires I thought that would help, but like the rear struts really did nothing. I'm not getting any unusual tire wear, and on a smooth road it tracks straight. I'd appreciate any thoughts!
  7. How does the mono leaf work, as to lowering? Do you tell the company how much of a drop you want, and they make it to those specs? Can you still use the stock struts that are still in the rear of the car?
  8. Thanks MemphisMan, I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in!
  9. I removed the mono leaf and am just running adjustable coil overs. I did the cut springs on the front first, then used the adjustable coilovers in the rear to even it out. Thank you! I'm sorry if this has been covered, and I missed it, but could you please elaborate? You said spent $220 in parts for your coil over shocks. I'd like to know what you did, and I didn't know removing the entire mono leaf was even a thing! I'm very curious to see what you did, and how you did it!! Your car has the dead nuts perfect stance that I'd like to have for mine.
  10. Could you explain that a little more please? You've had that done? I need a rocker for the right side of my 97 Cutlass Coupe. I've seen some for sale online, and I've wondered how accurate they might be.
  11. I'm spoiled by the LKQ yards-all the cars off the ground. And, down in Florida, none of that white stuff on the ground either...
  12. Is the 3800 show done? I can't seem to find any info on a 2018 show. As for a W body show, from this group, any time in June in the general Cleveland/Akron area would work for me. I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but the weekend of July 6-8 in Columbus hosts the biggest Good-Guy's show in the country. That weekend wouldn't work for me since I've already paid for my hotel room.
  13. Mine was a huge undertaking, but it was an otherwise excellent car. W bodies are all over the south, and cheap. If I hadn't just put a re built Jasper motor in mine a few years ago I don't know if I would have made the repair. The car you are looking at looks even worse than mine. It's certainly fixable, but is the rest of the car so nice as to make it worth it?
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