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  1. PCM 7797 is for a GTP right? So this pcm is programmed for L67 and 4T65e. Adding the 65e plug into the regal harness to the new pcm and all will be good? How much on the firewall connector did you mod? I'm assuming none? From 3100 to 3800 the connectors looked identical on the pinout i have for both engines.
  2. When I go on carpart, it says you can basically use any second gen pcm from at least 96 to 200x. So, if I wanted more tuneability with a stock 96 regal 3800 pcm could i use a 97 gp gt pcm? Would that just plug into my stock harness? Im assuming I would need to rewire a few things at the pcm connector?
  3. I agree with you, I figured it was easier to just go ahead and swap the tranny at the same time, so I reckon that's what i'll do and just do a full L67/65e swap. Doesn't hurt to pick the brains of more knowledgeable people though lol. I think I get it know, so your saying literally ADD the wire into the harness from the new PCM to the trans. I can turn a wrench, but i'm still getting my feet wet with wiring.
  4. Your saying if I had a 65e and added the plug on the stock harness, the pcm will run it as is? No tuning? I thought the 65e and the 60e had different electronics internally. I guess shift points would be about the same, but other than that you know the 65e had a PCS line control strategy vs the vacuum modulated 60e.
  5. What do you do to add the 65e? Do you just wire it in place of the 60e's connector? Right now i'm wanting to use this 60e for experimentation purposes. So there's no way that the 3800 regal's PCM can be retuned to run the top swap while also running the stock transmission?
  6. Okay here's the deal I've got a complete engine harness and PCM from a 96 Regal with the 3800 series 2. I plan on using this setup during my 3100 to 3800 swap with an L67 top swap thrown in. I also have the 4t60e from that same car so the gear ratio in the PCM is correct, and i'm not swapping in a 4t65-e just yet, that comes later. This setup is temporary, as in the future i'm swapping in the 65e with a 98-99 Z34 PCM and harness. This is just my experimental phase. Anyways, as far as the PCM tune is concerned, what recommendations does anybody have as far as if I can use this PCM or would I have to use another one? What's a good source (i.e, zzp, milzymotorsports, etc.) to send it to get tuned to run an L67 top end? The car getting the swap is a 96 Regal that has a blown 3100. I'm assuming that the wire harness connector on the firewall is identical to the 3800 powered one?
  7. That actually didn't look bad. Now that i think of it to do a full coupe front swap would probably be a huge pain, but i guess nothing is impossible. Defintely more work than i'm willing to do atm, but it would look sweet.
  8. No thank you it was just an idea i've had for a bit. Seriously considering it for my sedan in the future.
  9. I've searched and didn't find any relevant information. Do you think it's possible and generally straight forward to swap the entire front clip (fenders, headlights, bumper, etc.) from a 95-96 regal coupe to a 96 regal sedan?
  10. The project is currently in the works but its probably going to be an l67 swap of my 96 regal 3100. Just gathering information. So I guess that a 96 - 99 lumina harness and c100 is the same as a 96 regal 3100 too?
  11. Is it possible I can get a c100 pinout for a 96 Regal with the 3100 V6, 96 Regal with the 3800 series II v6, and a 98 Grand Prix GTP?
  12. You might be able to find one on ebay or in a junkyard. I used purple power to clean my coolant bottle and got good results. Put that stuff in and let it soak.
  13. I'm selling my '94 GP Coupe on here because I really want this car to go to someone who will fix it up and who appreciates these cars. This car has ZERO rust. I'll repeat.. RUST FREE!! This car ran and drove like a brand new car, but then the transmission went. I put a used motor and transmission in it, but when I started the car the transmission had a bad leak that seem to come from somewhere around where the cooling lines bolt in. The engine ran, but the car currently doesn't run and will need to be towed. I've run out of money and love for this project and just need it gone. I'm asking $800, but I'm open to all reasonable offers. You can contact me through PM here on the forum. The car is located in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Some extra things about the car: The car will not come with a few parts (I purchased them and need them as spare parts for my new car), namely the alternator, starter, battery, etc. The car has a small crack in the windshield.. I believe it can be fixed. The car has a few (less than 7-10) small hail dents here and there.. no other body damage. The car is missing one piece of the body kit on the driver side. The headliner is in good shape and free of sagging. Both doors are currently missing the door panels, but they will come with the car. Both power windows work. The car needs a paint job. The hood is not original to the car and is white. I do not have the original hood. Pics: Thanks for looking guys.
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