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  1. Hi, my 90 Regal with the greyish trim, it's becoming loose on the pasenger side legroom. I mean the foamed up and tolex covered material something used also on the dashboard. What type of glue can I use? Martin
  2. Ok, this is without any warranty my abs tool written in C#. This is an alpha version 1.0, it's from yesterday, so please be aware that there might be a big bug in there regarding the alignment of the data-stream. If have not yet had the time to check, whether the computation makes sense. Tweak the "Test.CommandLine.exe.config" to fit your needs. To go online: Playback: false PortNumber: 1 Have fun, Martin Edit: Attention, the stream payload is off by one byte. Should start at index 3. Currently 4.
  3. It's just a coil. I have the shop manual, there is schematics in there.
  4. Hi, thanks, I brute force addressed the controller, found out it's DeviceId to be 0xF2. That helped my figure out ~AM156~ from the was the spec. Wrote an application last night to map the controller response into a human readable list. Including record and playback functionality . I will post the .net solution here for anyone to use and comment on. ASAP Also I have spy data of Mode 4 commands. Will integrate these into the software somehow.
  5. I dont like it for the reason it's goin bad all the time. However I experimented a bit and started a brute force attack to the Contoller. It's device ID 0xF2 and responds to various aldl message numbers in mode 0. Anyone has a definition for the datastream?
  6. Hi, thanks for the link. This guy has different problems. Me I just don't know how to trigger the ABS-Controller... This one just does nothing. Without some sort of spec it's just pointless.
  7. Hi all, I need some help with the ALDL on my 1990 Regal. It is equipped with the PM-III. The M - ALDL Pin has the ECM + DASH + ABS all connected to it. I read somewhere, but cannot remember where, the invidual stream can be selected by changing impedance on the data-line. The ABS-Controller is lying on my bench, all hooked up to power + ignition signal, but nothing goin on on the dataline - only +5V constantly. So anyone please have a protocol spec for that. Or at least tell me how to persue the controller to tell me it's status. Regards Martin
  8. Hey, thanks for helping! First have to find out which harness among the four went bad. Took out the conroller, planning to write code for ( such ) diagnostic purposes. Don't have a protocol spec and no scan-tool to spy from. Will start a new thread for this now.
  9. The second one listed for the grand prix is the one I have on the Regal. I Applied a filter to mouser: Only 2 Positon & Connector Went through the results.. I may be blind?
  10. Thanks ! Still cannot find the matching type at mouser. Will order the repair harness from rockauto.
  11. Anyone please tell me the correct type of connector for the Wheel Speed Sensors. I have the PM-III on the Regal 1990 I tried these, but the clip is different Metri-Pack 150.2 Thanks Martin
  12. Hi all, it's a couple of weeks now that the engine has an unstable idle. It almost stalls if bad enough. This only happens when engine is warm, and running for 30 seconds or so. Have attached TunerPro Capture. Works with the $88 definition. Will someone please have a look. I'm not into this, especially when it comes to fuel mixture / integrators and so on. What I did is visual inspect the IAC-Motor and spray-cleaning the throttle body. Regards Martin
  13. Hi, mine does flicker too. Also I think the dimmer switch does, taken to the leftmost position will not take the dash illumination down as it did some time before. Just in case helps. Could this also be due to a bad regulator.
  14. Hm, what will a tech-1 do when performing idle learn? Besides I don't have a tech-1, I was learning the car with operating temperature reached, ecm reset, idle in drive 10min, off, on, 5min idle in drive. But that was years ago, not long after I bought the car. I will not do it that way again. The adaptive learning is taking too many rides, and I think it is very dangerous. The car is very likely to stall while in traffic! There is plenty of voodoo roumors spread in forums concerning the idle learn. Just looking for a way to do it, that doesn't suck the transaxle. Nevertheless I'd be better off cleaning up the throttle body before anything. I think this will cure the symptoms with unlearned idle.
  15. Hi, replacing the ecm fixed it. Bought a remanufactured one. ECM's up to 1994 are said to fail due to swell of pcb coating used back then. Remanufactured item has the old coating removed and a different one applied to it, I could easlily tell from looking at the pcb. Have also replaced the TPS, DIS, Spark Plugs and Wires. Code 42, was the dying message. Have not yet had the time to checkout the TunerPro interfacing, but definitely will. Any chance I can set IAC-counts with it? Thanks for helping out, Martin!
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