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  1. I haven't tried it while moving, my rear callipers are still on order, lol. But oddly enough driving this home, it was really low and it didn't act up or make any noise.
  2. There is also a piper connected to the rear of it.
  3. Correct. Maybe there is 2, but felt like 3. It's funny how the service manual just says to remove it, but there is no way to get a ratchet or a wrench on one bolt without taking the exhaust out.
  4. I've done a ton of reading online, but all transmissions are different. I can't really find much in relation to a grinding noise on the account of fluid being low. Oddly enough it's not a constant noise, but a grinding noise of 2-3 seconds followed by 1-2 seconds of silence in a cycle. The trans did not get super low, so I doubt damage was done, but I'm going to take the pan off tomorrow and check the magnets for any metal shavings.
  5. Well, melted wires or electronics would have a very noticeable odour. Did the bang/smoke happen as soon as you turned the key to on (ignition)?
  6. On a somewhat related note, what is the big vacuum line running to a coffee can shaped thing on the transmission, what would that be for?
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]17907[/ATTACH] Here is what the cap looked like, a big ball of "goop" I cleaned out from it. ONLY the neck had this, the upper rad hose, heater core hose, and water outlet did not have this goop at all, very clean actually. Also, the overflow had some residue on the inside of it as well. It's liked this stuff formed at the top of the radiator, and went into the overflow, as no other hose/line/part has a smidge of "goop" on it.
  8. I think I must have some sort of special housing. The pic of the housing on rockauto shows 2 bolt holes, mine has 3. I took the heat shield off, but there is no way to access one bolt without taking the manifold or whatever off. Even with that off, there is a hard metal line going into the back of it. I would basically have to take the entire plenum, coil pack, etc off to get to it.
  9. No coolant in tranny. The oil lines run through an integrated cooler in the radiator, one of the metal lines sprung a leak, I'd say the transmission is about 2-3 qts low on fluid. Since it's making a noise, I'm really worried it shit the bed.
  10. Well there wasn't a huge amount in it. Not as much as when the w/p went bad on my 2.7 dodge and filled the whole engine with coolant in the oil. I'd say maybe a half cup tops. This probably hasn't been changed in at least 4 years. Now on to another issue. I noticed after changing the oil and coolant, it sounded like some kid put a bunch of pebbles down my transmission fill tube, and the cooler line is rusted out, causing fluid to leak out. I know power steering pumps make grinding noise when low on fluid, but I'm really scared I just f'ed my transmission.
  11. But no coolant in my oil? There was sludge on the radiator cap, and the tell tale "rainbow swirls" in the coolant. After performing a flush, there was a small amount of oil in the flush.
  12. Well I got one side all together, minus the caliper, and the damn alignment is off, way off. The top of the wheel sticks in while the bottom sticks out. This is how it was when the old strut was broken. However the latteral arms are not bent, and neither does nothing else.
  13. 1995 CS SL with 3100. Shop manual says basically "take it off", but there is some kind of aluminum shroud in the way of the lower bolt.
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