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  1. I have a replacement lock assembly and it is in and working. Thank you.
  2. Ok, when you get a chance to check let me know. I will immediate pay-pal.
  3. I really need a driver side door latch assembly, gm part no. 16627179. Fits 93 - 94 Cutlass Supreme 2 door with power locks and also fits 93 Regal's. I do not know the differences in the other years, or why they have different part nos. listed. I am ready to pay now if anybody can help. Thanks.
  4. I think I've seen these. They look familiar. Really, thanks for getting all that together for me and everything.
  5. Thanks, but they will not be on for very long. I'm looking to put on some 17's just as soon as I decide what wheel style to get.
  6. Finally got the call to today that my CS is almost ready to pick up. Just waiting on the driver's side mirror then Inspection and Registration. As soon as I get it home I'll get some more pictures taken and posted.
  7. Yes you can purchase an after-market spring in stock form. You would just have to specify that when ordering. I just made the purchase from Birchmount for a steel spring, because they are very familiar with the set up on the older w-body lateral spring and new exactly what I wanted. It seemed like more guess work with flex-form. The steel spring is going to be maybe 30 lbs.? heavier.
  8. Hello, from another new member to this forum. I'm new to the W-bodies having just got my 1st.
  9. I called flex-form, he was helpful but not sure about spring rates and with a 2 month wait time I decided to call Birchmount. Tony Vidinovski at Birchmount fed-ex'd me a spring for a 2" drop the next day. Very easy, fast, great service.
  10. Ok, I will. That's where I found the info about the flex-form & birchmount springs. I'll keep reading & researching until I pull the trigger & buy something.
  11. I'll do some searching and read up on the rear coil conversion today. It sounds like a lot more work?
  12. No, I am planning on just putting in a flex-form rear spring.
  13. plus all of the searching and reading here on those springs I have all ready done, my best guess is for a 200 lb rear spring rate for the flex-form to match the front ST springs.
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