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  1. Welcome! There's a few of us in the mitten state. The looks are definitely subjective so do with it as you please! I'd get it undercoated if you're dailying it here. Rust certainly kills those cars around here.
  2. why do i feel like it would be hard not to find that in your nearest you pull it yard?
  3. Don't be a parts changer... Test! like mentioned above, test the fuel pressure before changing any fuel components. Battery? If it cranks okay and dies while running, I do not get the logic there at all. With that said, my guess would be the crank position sensor. Does your tach move at all when it's a crank no start?
  4. Heh thanks for the backup there but I wouldn't be so harsh on the guy... I wouldn't be in a w either. I have a possible out west trip that weekend. If it falls through the I'm in regardless. You mean the one in Detroit?
  5. How would changing the oil pump do anything for your lifters again? Remember oil pumps don't decide oil pressure, it's your engine's tolerances that do. The noise went away when you topped off the oil? Or when you added the MM oil? I've seen atf and/or MM oil clear up lifter problems. How long have you had the car? What's the oil change history like on it? You might be better off doing a set of lifters.
  6. Guys... Let's plan this already! I still vote for the June autocross weekend (8-9) but that's now less than a month away. If we can still pull that off then let's do it! I want out of this town darn it.
  7. Not to sound like an ad here. I don't buy much from there but their loan a tool program is on point. Autozone will loan you all this for free. Everything mentioned here.
  8. Autozone has free access to general service info on most w's. I'd start there. I don't think there's anything crazy about it besides take radiator off, take condenser off, reassemble. Make sure you vacuum the system before refill time.
  9. I'm open to either as long as it's not the first weekend of either month. As far as the facebook only people who go, Matt has a presence there more than myself. I still vote for a autocross weekend. I'd take the vette.
  10. Did you try brake clean? Acetone is a decent solvent but it can be sort of picky with what it dissolves. Weren't originals all metal? I had a metal passenger side one on the buick. Walked into that thing once in a tight garage and I was bruised for a week.
  11. I'm surprised we don't do that more often with meetup planning. Unfortunately, I'll have to take myself out of the running for hitting Nashville this year. My trip took away all my vacation days and I can't make it down there sans Friday drive time.
  12. That June date doesn't sound too shabby actually... My trip got pushed away from June and the Detroit Grand Prix will be over by then. I like it.
  13. I had a three leaf steel one on the buick I sold recently. That was installed maybe 6 years ago. At the time, I found it from JCWhitney online I believe. I tried to order it and they refunded me saying they no longer carry it. I somehow got them to cough up their supplier and it turned out to be a local shop to me, so that's where I got mine. I was appalled that they had them already made for this application. Either way, you might have to special order. Due to the size and weight, I'd recommend a local spring shop. The ends are very simple, they're just flattened as to ride on top of the pucks in the knuckle pocket. I mounted it with the original rubber that I scraped off the old leaf using longer bolts to reach around the three leaves.
  14. If you don't want to ditch the monoleaf setup, you can get one in steel. It makes things hella stiff and lowers the car. It sounds like that's what you want.
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