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  1. vipmiller803 Southern meetup 2019

    I'm surprised we don't do that more often with meetup planning. Unfortunately, I'll have to take myself out of the running for hitting Nashville this year. My trip took away all my vacation days and I can't make it down there sans Friday drive time.
  2. vipmiller803

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    That June date doesn't sound too shabby actually... My trip got pushed away from June and the Detroit Grand Prix will be over by then. I like it.
  3. I had a three leaf steel one on the buick I sold recently. That was installed maybe 6 years ago. At the time, I found it from JCWhitney online I believe. I tried to order it and they refunded me saying they no longer carry it. I somehow got them to cough up their supplier and it turned out to be a local shop to me, so that's where I got mine. I was appalled that they had them already made for this application. Either way, you might have to special order. Due to the size and weight, I'd recommend a local spring shop. The ends are very simple, they're just flattened as to ride on top of the pucks in the knuckle pocket. I mounted it with the original rubber that I scraped off the old leaf using longer bolts to reach around the three leaves.
  4. If you don't want to ditch the monoleaf setup, you can get one in steel. It makes things hella stiff and lowers the car. It sounds like that's what you want.
  5. vipmiller803 Southern meetup 2019

    I want to go to Nashville again and this sort of meetup might be just the right excuse. Maybe he has avoid highways or tolls on?
  6. vipmiller803

    Added an FM Modulator to my '95 Cutlass convertible

    Maybe you used a normally closed switch rather than a normally open. So this unit basically takes a 3.5mm jack and broadcasts it at your selecred frequency, just at a better quality and higher volume than those plug in transmitters?
  7. vipmiller803

    Rear Suspension Struts Change

    No it's not obvious on the mobile site. Either way, might still be cheapest to go to the nearest auto parts store and order some. I can imagine shipping anything from the US will be costly. Just because he's outside the US doesn't mean the nearby auto parts stores won't get him some goodies for American iron.
  8. vipmiller803

    Rear Suspension Struts Change

    The auto parts store. Just ask for one for a 2000 grand prix.
  9. vipmiller803

    Rear Suspension Struts Change

    Yep. Look into second gen ones. Like I said, the front one needs chopped about 1.5in for both to be adjustable.
  10. vipmiller803

    Rear Suspension Struts Change

    Do you mean the lateral arms? The second gen ones are a direct fit for the rear ones with adjustability. The front either has to be shortened for the adjustable one or bought as the non-adjustable one.
  11. vipmiller803

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    An alternative to pinching is to flush first, then do the brake job. I never worried about pushing fluid back, tons of shops do, but I know many people see it as taboo.
  12. vipmiller803

    96 CS sedan brakes.

    Remember that the front caliper bracket bolt (the t-60) should rotate in its sleeve/washer. They normally sieze inside, which makes it near impossible to remove that bracket because the sleeve's bottom is serrated much like a lock washer. If you need a replacement one, get oem. The dorman ones are a joke and will not hold 100 lb.ft of torque. Spec is well above that.
  13. vipmiller803

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Holy shnikies someone did his homework. Those are some fantastic ideas, especially with the automotive options. I'm down for Erie. Likely would show up in a c5 if I can make it, which will depend almost exclusively on my yet to be planned overseas trip. You've mentioned not having good junkyards, so that might be one drawback for some - not for me though. Does SCCA have a schedule yet so we can at least eliminate weekends if that's decided on?
  14. vipmiller803

    ALDL Data Line ECM / ABS

    Tom might be onto something here. If you're having trouble communicating with the car, maybe a schematic and a dmm or test light are in order. Is it a passive waveform generator sensor on the pm3 cars? The sensor would have two wires in that case.