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  1. White93z34

    tilt steering issues

    With it stuck in start, I can't say. I know there is a small torx screw hiding behind the key reminder sensor that holds it in. you don't have to fully break down the column. If it were me I'd remove the whole column. you are only 3 bolts away as shown in your picture
  2. White93z34

    tilt steering issues

    Just so I understand.... you replaced the lock cylinder? or the ignition switch? But either way its stuck in the Start position now? You don't have to pull it down that far to remove it.
  3. White93z34

    Another red 90 TGP

    I, too would like to see how the brake swap out is done. I did 4g f body booster and master on my red 90. my black 90 still has PMIII but I won't be keeping it. would like to see how other people are getting rid of that horrific system
  4. White93z34

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    they are like $35 each brand new
  5. White93z34

    To Le Bra or not to Le Bra

    is the front end of your car mildly crashed? If no then a bra is unnecessary thats about the only legitimate purpose I see for one. One of those 90's things I never got then or now.
  6. White93z34

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Sorry for being ~5 months late to the discussion. I'd potentially be down for Erie. Its only 1,5 hours from me. I feel like Erie has been an enigma for years now, lets make it happen. Life's changed since the last Toledo meet I made it to, I could probably make a day trip on Saturday. I'm probably a couple years out from making a entire weekend due to the little one Autocross, I don't care, my shits too old for me to want to really rag on. And lets be honest If I know us, 60% of the crew would be just as happy in a salvage yard (though IIRC Erie's are seriously shit-tier), 35% would hang around and just be content and 5% would have interest in something else (AutoX, Tracks in general, Antique stores, Firearm ranges). But don't let me be a old man and spoil a good time. Like I said I'd likely only be able to make it up for a day trip on Saturday.
  7. White93z34

    5 speed swap

    I've never actually removed that cog before. I don't have much to add at the moment other then that but I sure do like seeing the updates and progress.
  8. White93z34

    Installing A Regal Instrument Cluster in a Centruy

    If you were to learn the location of the EEPROM that stores the milage you could likely swap them between boards if your soldering skills are good.
  9. Wow, that dogbone/mount is a pretty rare bit
  10. White93z34

    Not a new member but been gone for awhile

    I remember you! Welcome back!
  11. White93z34

    PMIII wiring question

    Honestly, I don't know. I know it goes into the dash harness, but even with all the ABS fuses pulled I still had a few constant hots.
  12. White93z34

    PMIII wiring question

    You'd have to rip the whole harness apart and remove everything from that PMIII relay center. there are other important wires in there so you cant just cut it up wholesale. When I did it on August's car I just cut the harness back to a point and put shrink wrap over the constant hots that were left
  13. White93z34

    The Holy Grail - Rebuilding the Getrag 284 5TM60

    Honestly till you mentioned those issues i've never been aware of them the 284 in my car is probably fairly worn. I have absolutely no idea how many miles are on this unit, it leaks oil from places unknown, it sounds like a rock tumbler. But I can't say I'm aware of any shimmy issues. I'll have to pay more attention next time I'm out in it.
  14. White93z34

    Auto vs 284 PROM - memcal

    The one on the floor is just the starter safety switch. there is another one at the top of the pedal. it cancels cruise control and tells the ECM if the clutch is in or out.
  15. White93z34

    Auto vs 284 PROM - memcal

    Different switch, actually.