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  1. You can't throw around the word NOS and not have me be interested.
  2. So I pulled out my Pontiac parts manual... I only have Lumina and Grand Prix but that crap is all the same, it looks like all automatic transmissions got that bracket on the subframe, 3 speed and both the 4t60 / E got it. so that rules that out. What is the transmission bracket on the trans from?
  3. A few thoughts: your car or the donor car, were they ever wrecked? are you purchasing mounts for a 98' Lumina since that would be technically the closest match, no I didn't do wherever research is necessary to look at the interhcange You mentioned that you had a 3t40 3 speed before this.... since that is the most unusual component in the mix since most people go from 4t60 or 4t60e to 4t65 is it possible that the transmission mount bracket that is bolted to your subframe is offset different from what we are expecting? I'm just spitballing here since I don't have my parts manual on hand that would tell me definitively if that part is specific to the 3 speed cars or not. I don't think that regal mount will be of any use to you I think the L27 mounted completely different then the L36 W bodies did later on. i'm thinking it ultimately is 2 issues, wrong mounts, as both the LH0 and L67 mounts may be wrong, see my comment about buying ones for a 1G that did come with a L36, and I have a feeling that the mount for the 3 speed cars might be shifted to accommodate mounting for that. If I remember I'll get out a parts manual and check tonight.
  4. White93z34

    Why not Quad 4

    I think it largely boiled down to that the average consumer buying a midsize car in the early 90's found they could get a V6 for the price of a I4 with similar mileage and economy. The economics just didn't make sense. And then as now a stick shift for the Q4 with more power was a difficult sell. I'd wager that stick shifts made up less the 5% of total W cars when it was even a choice between 88-93. Again, I think its just the mentality, if you were looking at a Japanese car you didn't have much choice, but I just feel the average consumer buying one new wanted a V6. Granted the Q4 went on to much more success in smaller, cheaper cars.
  5. I seem to remember it being a relatively common complaint of the CS130 is lack of low rpm output, but I'd think it should be greater then 0. Though the issue now is all the already marginal parts that came from the factory 25 years ago have been further "value engineered" to be even worse then new.
  6. Literally nothing, same same. same year same parts same everything. the Euro just always had extremely poor performing brakes no matter what I did. I never understood it. I changed so much stuff around. At the end of the day I can only assume that I had just got a defective reman for the Euro 3.4... can't remember where I got it at this point, we sold the car years back now.
  7. I will qualify it with this: I did the booster replace on my Z34 and old Euro 3.4 The z34 worked out way better. even with a reman booster on the old Euro 3.4 the brakes could be called hopeless at best. Perhaps I got a bad one. now on my z34 they were and still are much improved. I'm interested to see what you do with caliper/brake upgrades. I currently have the 94+ rears and 96+ fronts which is an improvement over original but I'm always open to better.
  8. Interesting, for ages I've just assumed it was a drop in replacement. I, personally found Schurkey's article informative and just put in a reman original booster in my car as I had no other choice since I have a manual transmission and need the smaller booster to clear the clutch master. I seem to remember some time back some guys putting 2g boosters on first gens, they are deeper but not much wider. Regardless, good work and good information.
  9. White93z34

    Why not Quad 4

    oh man that thing is beautiful. a Q5 HO car like that is the one remaining w body unicorn on my list
  10. I probably do, let me know It will take me awhile to get to tough. Debating getting a few pictures when I go to check the cars out soon, then I'll probably list the lot on craigslist.
  11. Bump, I'm willing to work with price.
  12. Long story short the factory RKE boxes have poor solder joints, the 89-91ish stuff is particularly bad.
  13. I saw a new post here and thought, so yeah that would be coming up. Sorry guys. I know I'm usually one of the people making this happen. Life is in the way big time. Little kid makes a complete rearrangement of priorities. In the interest of doing something I'll work with whoever for a fall meet (or even a late summer meet) or something close-ish (2 hours) of me. But unlike years past where this was one of the singular events I anticipated I just don't have the availability that I used to.
  14. either/or, more trailer is more better, obviously
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