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  1. i'm not sure if they do or not, I just know mine is 2.5"
  2. is there any hp gain to be had switching to a 3" exhaust? I currently run sd headers with a 2.5" downpipe.
  3. I have one of each and my LS4 get's better gas mileage on the highway. I get like 25 on the highway with the GXP on premium gasoline and like 20 with E85. I have an overkill tune and an ethanol content sensor so I can run the E85. my 2001 GTP runs E85 only and it get's about 18 on the highway. this car is not my daily and has an xp cam, ported heads, gen 5, headers and methanol injection
  4. those wheels are a definite improvement over the ones when it was white
  5. I always wanted a 2 door GTP, but when the time came to buy a new Grand Prix, there were none for sale locally.
  6. did you go with the zzp resonator and zzp mufflers?
  7. details on the zzp catback? they advertise it as being quiet
  8. the bands getting back together? on a mission from God.
  9. someone needs to post a picture of an Aztec with a tent popped out the back
  10. I'd rather be lucky than skilled, usually this is true.
  11. welding a nut is probably the best idea, but if you don't have access to a welder then you could take a dremel and cut some notches in the top for a screwdriver, or grind a pair of flat spots so a cresent wrench or vice grips can grab someplace
  12. last time I had window issues, I took my car to the mechanic and he ordered a regulator kit, came with everything needed for the repair. this was on my 2001 pontiac grand prix gtp.
  13. Marshal

    Tuning for E85

    he's talking about an LS4, not a 3800. different types of problems.
  14. Marshal

    Tuning for E85

    my daily is a 2008 GXP as well, have an overkill tune for it, and when I run E85, the difference is almost not noticeable. however, a H/C/I swap would likely net a big horsepower gain. IF you knew you would always be running E85, you could bump the compression and get even more power.
  15. there should be some tuning guides, but take the suggestions with a grain of salt because some of it is dated information.
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