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  1. My Regal has it...I think it was drivers side only for the ones that had the ring, though.
  2. Reminds me I need to replace bulbs in both of these.
  3. Regarding the turn signal, you could try swapping the turn signal flasher with the hazard lights flasher and see if that fixes it.
  4. Nice. Also...that's a LOT of antenna.
  5. It does...just not nearly as frequently as vacuum lines go bad.
  6. If I had $$, I'd bring it to Virginia and love it forever.
  7. EGR valve was doing that on mine...randomly dying off accelerator/coasting to a stop. For now, just unplugged and ok until I get a new EGR valve.
  8. I've loved 55 Oldsmobiles ever since seeing WW and the Dixie Dance Kings at the drive in when I was a kid. Nice!
  9. You'll need a steering wheel puller, though...
  10. Nope, but there can be deals on an MT2500 on eBay if you keep watching and pounce at the right time.
  11. I've been running a set of Yokohama Tornante tires for about a year now, liking them a lot.
  12. I had a quad driver fault, I don't remember which quads control what, but I do remember that the quad fault I saw was for either TCC or purge valve. TCC seemed fine, replaced purge valve. I had the engine light on for that issue, though...and the new purge valve took care of it.
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