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  1. cdn_olds_94

    Welding coolant pipes.

    Since the car is in my garage for the winter, I was going to start it in March . Thanks for the offer of help. I'm let you know.
  2. cdn_olds_94

    Welding coolant pipes.

    That is the pipe I'm talking about. Sounds like this is something that happens alot with the age of the car and where the part is sitting. I have access to an Oxy-Acetiline unit so I will try brazing the repair.
  3. cdn_olds_94

    Welding coolant pipes.

    Before putting my 94 Cutlass Vert away for the winter, I was chasing a coolant leak. I've traced the leak to a metal coolant pipe on the right side of the engine compartment that has pinholes from some form of corrosion at a mounting tab. I want to remove and clean up the area and weld the pipe. My son say's I can't weld it. The pipe is steel not aluminum, so I think it can be fixed Has any one done this type of repair or do you just look for a replacment at a yard.
  4. cdn_olds_94

    Windshield header

    My number one go to guy for parts for my 94 vert.
  5. cdn_olds_94

    Need to do some fabrication...

    Easier said than done. Any yard up here just crushed these cars as soon as they striped the useable parts from them. I'm going to try Don in MI to see if he can help.
  6. I took my car to my sons shop this morning and when we got it up on the lift this is what i saw. The plate has rotted on the left front, and only the leftside. The rightside and the rest of the car are fine. We washed the underside and made a list of things to touchup, like doing some undercoating and replacing the corroded brake lines. This dry rot is saddening as this is the only major problem found. Looks like I need to find some plate steel and start fabing a replacement.
  7. As my late father all way's told me, when your buying tools , buy the best the first time.
  8. If you can't sell it, would you be interested in parting it out ?
  9. Rough start when cold, rough idle when cold, bad gas mileage.
  10. Did this on my Cutlass a few weeks ago. Took all day but it was a job that needed to be done. I also changed the spark plugs while I was at it and she purr's like a kitten now.
  11. cdn_olds_94

    Homemade floor jack attachments?

    RTV a Hockey Puck to it ..
  12. cdn_olds_94

    Glove box lock for a 1994 Cutlass Supreme...

    Found two on ebay. search is over.
  13. cdn_olds_94

    Glove box lock for a 1994 Cutlass Supreme...

    See the picture below. This is what I'm looking for.
  14. cdn_olds_94

    W-Body Enthusiast I need your attention!

    I have a spare EGR tube with the EGR plate from a 1994 3.4L DOHC engine. Will this fit your car? PM me if it will fit.
  15. I'm looking for a Glove box lock with knob for my 94 Vert. If you can help please PM me. Thanks.