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  1. jiggity76 - did you check the fuel pressure before deciding to change the regulator?
  2. I am thinking along the same lines, except instead of the 400 mile drive, when I pull the Cutlass out of storage next year, I plan to siphon the fuel from the tank and put it in our vehicles that are on the road year round. Then fuel up the Cutlass with fresh gas and see what happens.
  3. I have had no issues with the car starting when hot since I originally posted. This is not a daily driver, but I made a point of driving it more often just to see if I could come up with a consistent no-start condition, or at least a pattern to when it failed to start. I will be testing the fuel pressure when the no-start occurs again. The is parked November through May. I add Seafoam to the gas tank as a fuel stabilizer and fill the tank before storing it. When I was experiencing the no-start issue, the tank was still full with the stored gas. Could the six month old gasoline be the cause of the no-start instances? Three years ago, the same pattern occurred. Engine would not start when warm, and this was right after the car had been put back in service. Neither I nor a shop could reproduce the no-start symptom. The car ran fine for the next six months until it was put back into storage. And it ran fine the next two summers, too.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the help.
  5. What center consoles are interchangeable with a 1996 Cutlass Supreme center console? I did a search at but did not get any interchange parts. I saw a couple of 1997 Cutlass Supremes at the junkyard, and was wondering if those consoles were compatible. I really only need the console lid, if that makes a difference.
  6. Thanks, I will check the fuel pressure regulator. I drove the car today. Got it fully warmed up, and made five stops where I shut off the engine and let it sit for 10 - 30 minutes at each stop, and the car started every time.
  7. I have a 1995 Cutlass, 3.4 DOHC engine, 75,000 miles on it. It starts fine when the engine is cold. When hot, it sometimes will crank fine, but will not start. Sometimes extended cranking will get it to start. If I do get the hot engine started, it runs fine. Other times the hot engine will start with no problems at all. Does anyone have any troubleshooting advice they can share? I would like to diagnose the problem so I am not blindly replacing parts.
  8. Thanks for the update and insight on vehicle values. Depending how the seats look under those seat covers, the Craigslist car looks like it is a good price now the electrical drain has been corrected and that warmer weather is ahead. I've attached the current version of the Craigslist ad you referenced so that someone stumbling across this thread long after the car has been sold will be able to place some context around this thread. You are correct, some marketing would probably help move the car, and for the guy currently listing it , moving it into a more relevant Craigslist category would help. A couple of weeks ago, I had passed along to my brother-in-law (after he decided not to pursue the car) a listing of 90's Cutlass convertibles for sale on Autotrader (see other attachment). Where there had been nothing for months, now there were several low mileage convertibles. It was surprising to see this number of low mileage cars. At one point, the search results had included a 40,000 mile 1995 Cutlass convertible with the not seen very often in these cars, 3.1L engine. So you are probably right, the book value is probably reflects an average of cars in varying condition, and does not take into account seasonal demand. It would be interesting to know if these cars sell ,and at what price. Looking at the Autotrader listings, I thought about how I appreciate a survivor vehicle as much as the next person, but owning a car such low mileage would deter me from enjoying it. I would go into preservationist mode and use the car as little as possible to keep it a low mileage car - and agonize every time I drove it, knowing I was adding more mileage. 20190508_1994 olds cutlass supreme convertible.pdf 20190508_90s_olds_cutlass supreme_convertibles_for_sale.pdf
  9. My brother-in-law said Edmunds values the car at $1640. He is abandoning the idea of purchasing the car in order to sell it at a profit. I thought the value of these cars was around $3500, but I have not looked in a couple of years. I just checked Edmunds - my 1995 convertible with 80,000 miles is $1,651 for private party, $2,615 dealer retail. I did not buy mine to make money. If I did, I would be crying right now. I paid $7000 for it in 2007. A search of Ebay for sold 1990 to 1995 Cutlass convertibles resulted in a single 1995 with 43000 miles. It sold for $4550 last month.
  10. I have the 3.4 dohc in my convertible. It's no performance machine, but it moves OK. I wonder if the performance is noticeably different between a convertible with the 3.1 engine vs the 3.4 dohc.
  11. My brother-in-law asked me about a 1994 Cutlass Supreme convertible with 87,000 miles and an asking price of $1900. Since I have a 1995 Cutlass convertible, he asked me for my opinion about the price. What do you guys think? See the attachment. I told him about the potential issues: distributor plug oil leak, timing belt maintenance, under engine mounted alternator, melted dome light switches issues, dead rear window motors. He is considering the car because of its low asking price, and asked me about the potential of being able to use it then sell it for a profit. I don't know if there would be much money to be made from this car, even if he got it for $1500. What do you think? This is not a "must have" for him. It caught his eye because he knows I have one of these cars. Also, did two-tone seats come from the factory? I have never seen that style seat before on these cars. 1994 olds cutlass supreme convertible.pdf
  12. Thanks for the offer. I will try finding one at a yard here. Besides pulling one from a 1995 Cutlass or a Regal, a '95 Grand Prix would work, too, correct?
  13. Correct. I see the opening for a button, but do not have the button itself, and never did since I owned the car. It is not my daily driver. It is a convertible like yours, that I only drive in the summer. Since I never had a hazard button and therefore have no point of reference, I want to figure out if I need a replacement button or a new hazard switch assembly.
  14. My '95 Cutlass Supreme has never had the hazard flashers button since I bought the car used over 10 years ago. From the owner's manual and looking at the steering column, it looks like the button should be at the top of the steering column. Has anyone replaced just the button and not the entire switch? If so, what is the replacement procedure? Thanks for any ideas on this.
  15. One year I skipped the rodent defense during winter storage. Mice build a nest in the heating and air conditioning fan, and used the heat and AC ducts for passageways. That was over 5 years ago, and even after cleaning and disinfecting, there is still the faint scent of mouse urine when the heat/AC fan runs.
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