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  1. Thanks! What coolant is best. Did the old coolant eat the gaskets?
  2. Hi guys, I am a poor father of 2. I just bought a 98 Monte Carlo z34 with 109,000 at a charity auction. One owner So Ca and it seems to have sat for 2 years. I was actually able to talk to the owner prior to buying and he said he did all the maintenance (yet 2 old open recalls were not done-steering and engine fires) so I don't really know. He also said the emergency flasher button broke and the blinkers stopped working. I took the car to chevy for the recalls and an oil change Do I do a transmission flush or a change? (I know old bmw's-they say not too as they start to slip) Do I do a coolant flush or change Issues:The car gets stuck in park and I have to pull up the console cover and push down that button. The button on the shifter seems to be working fine. I read here about unplugging the solenoid. Will that work in my case? The blinkers...Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve
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