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  1. front motor strut mounts aka dog bone because well they look like a dog bone
  2. ^exactly i LOVE my 1st gen lumina not a big fan of the 4 door version though it has never failed me best story i have had with my car is a few years ago we had a bad winter to the point they shut down a highway between my work and home and they have never shut it down before or sense and i was working that night and there where snow drifts up to the headlights on the highway and the lumina went through it like it was nothing (i did get stuck in my driveway though when i slowed down )
  3. i have a 1990 lumina that has about 150k miles on it i paid 650$ USD 5 years ago and it ran like a champ untill recently with a intake gasket leak and cooling fans stopped working but i am going to be getting a new car because the rust on mine has just gotten to bad, only things i have really done to it are things because of rust mostly (new fuel tank, fuel lines, brake lines, also have cleaned the egr, coolant flush, and regular oil changes)
  4. ok forget mods for the lho or 3100 does anyone know how the performance of a 2005 gp gxp 5.3l v8 is? from what i can find its like 300hp?
  5. isnt the 3100 known for eating intake gaskets like candy
  6. i wanted to keep the 3.1l because i hear its more reliable then the 3100 that is in the gp and just wanted to do the mods to that sense i will be scrapping the car instead of buying another motor when i will have one laying around already and i cant really get a 96 1g w body because whats around my area and isnt rusted to the ground for the amount that i have to spend for a new car
  7. what are some performance mods for the 3.1l LHO engine i know port polish heads and intake and get the cam reground and bore out and replace pistons but what else is there really to do besides turbo or 3800 supercharge swap, i plan on pulling the motor/trans from my 90 lumina and scrapping the car but saving the powertrain for the 95 gp i plan on getting that has a 3100
  8. its for a 1990 lumina
  9. 1990lumi

    94 grand prix

    it was the 3.1l i dont know about the a/c and it doesnt matter to me i dont use it and trans idk either i never got to look at it and the guy isnt answering his phone so im looking at a 95 grand prix now
  10. 1990lumi

    94 grand prix

    just a quick question is it a good deal for a 94 grand prix coupe with 106k original miles seams clean in the pics for 900$?....sorry didnt know where else to put this
  11. if you have the same egr as i do on my 90 lumina then you just have to take off two bolts and spray down the inside of the egr with i used carb and choke cleaner and a toothbrush to scrub it and sprayed it down again very well a few times let it try cleaned off old gasket and just reinstalled it
  12. i just need a second car so i can rip the motor apart rebuild it and replace every sensor and rewire a new harness in this one
  13. so either bad cts or ecm
  14. replaced all the relays under the hood have new cooling fan it works when hardwired to battery, but it does not kick on when my car is running and the coolant will boil over and spray out the radiator cap and overflow the coolant tank bad coolant switch or something else?
  15. where would i get the mounts for a 2nd gen w body i pland on fixing my 1st gen lumina and just cutting the old mounts boxing in new steel around the mount on the frame section and get the bolt on style and place them on
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