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  1. jack stands on the sub frame and removal of the axles is what I would figure to do. Removing the axles might require draining the transmission if fluid comes out from them. Ether way it's gonna be a big job in itself.
  2. That is some L67 BS if I ever saw anything. The windage tray on the L27 is part of the oil pan. It's tacked to it and there is no way to remove it without drilling the spot welds. The longer I look at it the more I think the sub frame is gonna have to come down to get clearance. There just isn't any other way unless the pickup pipe is removed. Getting it back on would be a pain trying to balance the pickup with the oil pan. You run the risk of messing up the gasket seat. dropping the subframe would give you clearance to get the pan out. I was wondering if there was a way to avoid having to do that on my car. It really freaks me out with all there is involved. looking further into it this looks like the only option.
  3. This could possibly be an idea. The windage tray is part of the oil pan so there is no way that is gonna come off that I know of. I think I would rather have the engine go up than drop the subframe. It's a matter of removing the axles and disconnecting the exhaust. Wondering if removing the axles from the transmission would make the fluid come out.
  4. Having issues trying to get the oil pan to come out of my car. The pickup catches the windage tray in the pan keeping it from coming out. The engine is on a hangar right now and that extra clearance is still not enough. The goal is to finish the timing chain repair and replace the oil pan gasket This is on a: 1993 Buick Regal GS sedan L27 3800 V6 4T60-E Has anybody done a repair like this before? This all started as a timing chain repair and it's now gone very far south. Never would have thought that it was quite this far in depth.
  5. A friend of mine once said that W-body means widebody... I had to tell him that GM chassis designations had no real meaning and were just there as an identifier for the chassis. There is nothing more to the the designation of W than W itself. Unless you know of the prototype designation GM10. But even that does not suggest more than the preproduction test mules of the mid '80's.
  6. Let me tell you of a accidental PCV horror story I had with the Regal back in 2012...
  7. I'd like to get a bigger one to slap on a windshield. Not sure if you will have some made in that kind of size or not. Guess if there is enough demand then it could be done.
  8. It's a very good calendar indeed. I'm impressed with it. I have no regrets.
  9. I managed to get a work around figured out and have ordered one of these awesome calendars. Got a discount code and only had to pay shipping so what was gonna be a $30 purchase wound up being a $7 purchase. I regret nothing and look forward to thumbing through the physical copy when I get it.
  10. I finally checked the thread here and saw this is finished. Went on and checked it out and freaked out when I saw I had the month of September. I'm having issues with logging onto Shutterfly as the site does not seem to recognize the login I have made. I'd really love to order one of these if I can get it to work. I'm one proud man right now. Congrats to everybody else that submitted and made it on the calendar too. There are some really nice photos in there.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Sit down, relax, and open up a cold drink. This is one of the more interesting places on the internet.
  12. '93RegalGS3800

    GP vs GS

    Welcome to the Buick Mafia. What our cars lack in styling we make up for in sheer performance. Enjoy and look after that awesome GS.
  13. I had to do this on my Regal when they started to go out. Having to fight the hoses and harness on the back cover did me in because I'm just a dumb shade tree mechanic but at it's core it's a simple job.
  14. No jacking? I had the car jacked up when I did mine. I think I'll always jack the car up to change the filter. I used a strap wrench but the handle was on a hinge and you could somewhat twist it loose and then get it the rest of the way with your hand. I have not seen a socket drive oil filter for a 3800 and am now intrigued on where to find one... Also, Battery battery battery. Get a new one as stated above. I had trouble with an old one that would not hold a charge for longer than a day. Once I installed a new battery the car would crank at my will.
  15. I guess I should have figured that the design was changed just to screw with us. I always thought it was the way it was because FWD weirdness.
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