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  1. Agreed. I know there is a want for these parts just hoping the right person comes along. Maybe there will be better luck with the nice weather approaching. Thank you for the interest!
  2. I am in union grove, Wisconsin. Some pictures for some reason won’t upload. I will try to send you some through private message.
  3. Agreed. There’s a lot of great parts on it and I hate to junk it. Convertible only parts too. I am willing to take offers just to see it go to use for someone and live on that way. Thank you for the interest.
  4. I’m not seeing any interest. Any offers I will take. Thanks.
  5. Here’s some more photos. I will offer more pictures if someone is interested in them. I am willing to take offers as well. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey guys, I haven’t been on here in years. Life got in the way and I have to get rid of my ‘92 olds. Keep in mind this is most likely a parts car unless someone is very ambitious and wants to save it. It needs a LOT of work. It has about 210,000 miles. 3.1 engine. It’s turquoise with a black top and black interior. Power everything. The climate control stopped working years ago so I wired a switch so the heat only works on high. Convertible top is fine but has a tear under the rear window. Has an insane power steering leak (pretty sure it’s just the psi line), exhaust leak which I’m thinking is at the collector gasket since the exhaust moves easily. Has new mufflers. Cat is cut out since no more emissions and at one point it clogged the exhaust. I feel ever since the bad exhaust leak it caused a check engine light and idles very bad and drives like its towing a boat. After that it just sat for about 5 months now. Battery is pulled and on a maintainer. Engine has lots of miles. Leaks oil but it runs well and does not smoke. Trans shifts fine. Was rebuilt at around 80,000 miles. Have all the paperwork. Some bad things, driver’s side fender is rusting. Both quarters are rusting. Driver’s side floor is rusting. Never been stored inside since I’ve owned it for 16 years. I just cannot afford to get it back going again no matter how bad I want to. Never made a post like this before so if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer. This is my first car so I could answer just about anything about it. Asking $1000 and it will need to be hauled away. Honestly I want someone here to take it because You guys understand these cars. I hope it can at least have its parts used because I can’t bring myself to junk it. Letting it sit is just as bad. I posted one picture from last summer. I will post pictures when I get some current ones as it sits. Likely tomorrow. Just wanted to get this post out now. I live in Union Grove ,wi. Thanks guys!
  7. Just wanted to update and say it ended up being the ignition module. Thanks for all the help! Very informative websites.
  8. Does anyone know where the crank sensor is exactly? A picture?
  9. I dont know how to test that. I would like to know what to do because i do not want to pay for a tow. Would you know how to test that?
  10. Hey guys. Seeking some help. Got a 92 cutlass supreme with the 3.1. So im guessing its the first gen 3.1. Today i start it. Starts fine. Runs for about 30 seconds then shuts off as if i turned the key off. No sputter. No hesitation. I think hm thats odd. Go to start it and now all it does it crank and crank. No fire. Fuel pump is 3 years old. I can hear the fuel pump running so im thinking it cant be that. Also the fact of how it died. Seems to me like an ignition problem. Now how do i know if its an ignition module or one of those crank and/or cam sensors? Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks! Haha i just was at home depot and i am well aware now they do not have self threading nuts. I will give lowes a call. I appreciate the help greatly
  12. Oh man that would be great!!!! Yes please let me know thanks!
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