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  1. Well, the problem was very easy to find. Both speed sensor wires on the driver's side were broken off right at the base where they connect to the sensor/hub. I had the wheels off when the lights originally came on a while back and didn't notice anything so they must have been barely connected at that point. I blame the shitty plastic clips. Because of the clips, the passenger side wire was touching the axle and rubbed through the outer cover. Good thing I caught it early. After replacing the driver's hub (goddamn that axle nut was really on there), I ziptied the sensor wires to the metal bracket so it shouldn't happen again. I haven't driven the car yet (I'll do that tomorrow morning) but I started it and the lights were off for the first time in months so I'm confident it's all fixed.
  2. I'm definitely going to try that first. I watched a video on Youtube about this and the guy mentioned using a voltmeter to check for resistance at both wheel speed sensors and make sure you're getting about the same value on both sides.
  3. Thanks for the info. For now, I'll swap out the front driver's wheel hub and see what happens. These codes all happened at the same time which is why I suspect it all has to do with the wheel speed sensor being bad.
  4. DTC C1221 LF Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0 DTC C1225 LF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation DTC C1232 LF Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted DTC C1245 Right Front ABS Channel Does Not Move I'm assuming there's an issue with the front left wheel speed sensor. Since they're non-serviceable (yay, GM!), I've got a new wheel hub ready to go. Can someone confirm which side is the left and right? I figured the driver's side is the left side but I can't be too sure. I previously checked and the speed sensor is plugged in with no noticeable break in the wiring; however, I didn't check the resistance at the speed sensors. I'm going to do that before replacing the hub. C1245 has me a bit confused. I'm hoping this problem is in conjunction with the wheel speed sensor issue. Does anyone have more information?
  5. I've never seen an O'Reilly's either but I was able to order the axles online so that was a plus. And in regards to Chili's (yeah, it's spelled that way), it's really not that impressive. When I lived in PA, we had the same marketing with Sonic. Closest one was hours away. Different than Chili's though. Their food is actually really good.
  6. Man... that is an amazing price for the factory repair manual.
  7. It's true. You could pay $200-250/month for a newer vehicle that still has the chance to catastrophically fail on you. Or just spend some money every few months on repairs and come out ahead. The biggest issue is how much downtime you have because of repairs. I currently own three vehicles right now so, if one fails, I just grab the keys to another and repair the broken one when I have time.
  8. It looks like they do carry new axles but they also do carry reman'd units too so just be careful what you choose.
  9. Use Winrar to break it up into multiple files and upload them to Each archive has to be less than 200 MB.
  10. Well, newer cars do come with an aux input by default. 2004 was just too old. I'm sure there's some of them out there with it but maybe just luxury cars. That's what I did when we owned a 2006 Lincoln LS. Like $45 for an adapter and run the cable. I think my '04 doesn't have that option because I also have OnStar but I haven't fully researched it yet.
  11. I'm in the same boat. The front of my radio actually has an aux button so I pulled it out to check the back. Sometimes they have a stereo input that you can use. No luck on my radio which I assumed was going to be the case. I don't mind replacing the radio but it sucks that I need all of these adapters to retain steering wheel controls, chimes, etc. Oh well. I'll tackle that when I have some more money.
  12. Make sure you buy a brand new axle and not a rebuilt. If you go to Autozone or Advance (maybe the Cardones at Rockauto too), they're probably rebuilt if they're $45. Spend the extra couple bucks and get brand new. When I bought new ones for my Talon, I ordered them from O'Reilly's and I believe they were $60 each.
  13. I don't know your financial situation, but when I bought my Impala, I took it to my mechanic to have the coolant flushed. 10 year old Dexcool scares me but it was a hell of a lot easier to pay them $125 to flush the system than to do it myself, make a huge mess, and have to dispose of a bunch of used coolant.
  14. Umm... the plugs are already done. What pic? The one in the first post? That's the front manifold. I hope there isn't a mounting nut for a rear bracket on the front manifold.
  15. I tried to feel for the bolts/nuts for those brackets but I couldn't find them. The brackets are the biggest issue for sure.
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