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  1. Just about finished with my wiring harness for a 3.4 DOHC Fiero, but I have three leftover wiring connectors that I can't identify. They came from the 3.4 DOHC wiring harness, but did not go to the ECU, they either went to the bulkhead connection or the RS electrical center. Just need to know what they were for if possible. Thanks in advance! 2-pin, green and brown wires: 3-pin, only 2 pins used, one yellow w/black stripe, the other black w/ white stripe (Note this is not the DIS-CSP connector). Single pin, red wire, came out of the harness near the auto trans connectors and the O2 sensor wire:
  2. Bump! I don't expect this to sell overnight, but if your 3.4 is high in miles, has some problems, or you're considering a performance build you won't find a better starting point.
  3. That's where the motor came from, I bought it off eBay shortly after buying my Monte Carlo. My MCZ34 had pretty high miles and I got this motor for a fairly decent deal ($1,000), although it involved a road trip to California to pick it up! Fortunately I sold the MC before ever needing it, and now it is taking up space in my garage. And somehow I don't see myself needing the motor for my Silverado pickup or BMW 328 haha.
  4. Hey guys I'm new here, just trying to sell an engine. I picked this motor up a few years ago as a backup but I've got no use for it now as I sold the Monte Carlo I had. The motor is a complete 1991-1993 long block, from cylinder heads to oil pan. It includes every engine sensor, water pump, and alternator all brand new. There is not a used part on this engine, not even a bolt. I will include a box of used parts with the motor, along with the factory service manuals for the engine. There is a 91-93 lower intake manifold, fuel rail, 2 sets of fuel injectors, upper intake manifold, engine cover, and several (Maybe 4-5?) valve covers. Shipping is on you. I can build a crate for the engine and have it sent via freight, or you can drive out to Denver, Colorado and pick it up. Price is firm at $1,200. Thanks!
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