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  1. Alright ill give that a shot and see how it looks, might explain why i had no heat this last winter but never noticed a leak until now.
  2. Good news i got the car to fire right up again. It was a mix between the crankshaft sensor and the ICM and coils. As for that fuse it no longer blows after i played with the wire for a while and traced it as far as i could and the wire was in great shape so not sure about what happened there. Now i got a new issue, soon as i started the car i noticed i got coolant dripping from back by the firewall. i had lost coolant before the car died. So i filled the radiator and went for a 7 mile drive. Got back and i put about a 1/3 of a jug back into the radiator. Car doesnt blow smoke or anything. What could be a possible cause for it? Its by the passenger tire in the front around the back corner of the block by the firewall based on how its dripping onto the ground. Any help would be great on this!
  3. Also the car didnt struggle to stay running either it just up and died. It did fire up just fine though when i left the house to go to the gas station
  4. Hey guys im having a issue with the car, car just died taking off from the gas station and i got no spark. I got a crankshaft Sensor and im trying to figure out where it is but we checked fuses and i noticed a fuse in spot 10 which is 15 AMP IGN ( Under hood fuse box) keeps blowing everytime i go to crank after i replaced it. Any ideas on what it could be besides possible bad wiring? I got no idea what the fuse is tied to.
  5. Hey been a while, the car smokes for a few seconds and that's it. Smells bad too, otherwise now i'm losing a quart to a quart and a half of oil every two weeks, sometimes even more if i do a lot of long range driving. Now i got a coolant leak somewhere else that i'm trying to track down. One thing with the oil though, me and my friend got under the car and looked and towards the front bumper down around the bottom we saw a lot of oil on a line running somewhere, we didn't have enough of a lift to try to track it but can anyone shed some light on this? We haven't seen a oil cooler at all on the car, unless there is one and its hidden away somewhere. Gets expensive to buy oil all the time and i still trying to get this lean issue settled. As far as i know the head gasket hasnt been done and im begging to wonder if at 110,000 miles and the age of a 1991 these days of the gasket is gone. If thats the case how hard is it to do the gasket on this car and will i have to retime anything because i got zero timing equipment. If i have a shop do it how much should i expect to pay to get the head gasket replaced? Thanks in advance
  6. yeah it was the quick disconnect. I replaced it with a new one. Now im running into another issue. So its been a few weeks and now when i start it belches smoke for a bit. It dont smell like antifreeze and it smells more like carbon and oil. A friend ran a can of seafoam through my intake vaccum into the valves and the car blew a crapload of white smoke while the seafoam was put into the lines. It smoked for a bit and we drove it around till it went away and it seems to run better. When i started it up that night it belched the same kind of smoke, just not as much. Oil was cleaner too after the seafoam. I started it 10 hours later leaving work and it didnt smoke at all. So idk what was wrong there but i wonder if i had some stuck valves and maybe thats why i was losing oil. Im honestly not too sure. This has been one rolling train wreck so far. Just hoping im getting to the end
  7. Hey guys well gaskets are installed and i cleaned out the intakes a little bit as well. Ran into a problem though, the small coolant hose that hooks around the lim that has a washer o ring and a washer of some sorts.... well i lost one of the washers and cant find it in the gravel and i was wondering what that hose is called. It plugs in right below the two fuel line connectors. I need to know so i can get the right hardware from the parts store tomorrow
  8. Its what the computer keeps telling me with code 44 is lean exhaust but yeah i know the PCM was set up to dump more fuel into the mix when the o2 error comes up. Today im doing the LIM just gotta run to the parts store and pick up some Injector o rings. Speaking of trannis i gotta flush mine soon
  9. Ok good, glad to know that, and i have a oil leak too and its in the general area by the exhaust manifold. Whats the best way to seal that oil drive shaft? And yeah i get maybe 250 miles to a tank right now and it does smell like unburnt fuel on occasion. ill let you guys know what happens with this repair!
  10. Ok ill try to clean up the injectors in there while im at it. But that still leaves the issues with my car running lean and my O2 apparently going dead a week after install. Anyone got any idea whats possibly going on?
  11. Hey guys im still battling the issues in my beloved Z34. To give a quick recap my computer is giving me codes 12 (good diagnostics), 13 (O2 error) 32 (EGR error) and 44( Lean exhaust). When i first posted i was having issues with rough idle and bad power loss and i fixed it by replacing a bad coil which i took off of a 3800 SC and it looked like the coil had been replaced before and the other two are stock. I had a homemade EGR block on the EGR when i bought it and me and my friend removed it and the EGR error went away for a while and now just has been popping up in the last week. I replaced the O2 sensor 3 weeks ago and the error went away. Well when i checked the computer about a week and a half ago i got the error again. And the strange thing is, the previous O2 sensor wasnt that dirty. I swapped them and got the same error and swapped back to the new one and got the error again. As for what has been replaced so far on the motor is as follows: O2 sensor Spark plugs ( AC Delco Iridium) Spark Plug Wires (a basic set from a brand i never heard of dont remember) MAP Sensor Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve Cover Gaskets Upper Intake Gasket Lower Intake Gasket will be done soon Will be replacing my Primary Fan Motor soon too as that is now shot For doing the lower intake gaskets what are things i should do while the motor is apart since i know its going to be a headache to tear down? I dont want to tear it apart again so soon after this. But yeah i got no idea at this point why the car is still lean, even after i replaced the O2 sensor the only code after it ran for 2 mins was 12 and 44 (lean exhaust). The car has a 2.5 inch exhaust installed with 2 glasspacks and tips no cat and ive had a 3.1mpfi Z24 that the exhaust fell of on and it didnt run lean at all. The coil i replaced when i looked at the other two coils they looked stock still. Ive tried searching my local scrapyards for anything with a LQ1 and there's none to be found. Is there another engine i could get a ICM from possibly? Its either 80 dollars or 325 dollars for a new one at my local O rileys. Any help would be appreciated because this engine has only 105k on it and i would like it to last as long as it can. And i thought the Chrysler 2.7 DOHC engine and tranni set up was a pain in the ass....
  12. Ok did some tests and i checked coils again and now im noticing no spark and very weak spark coming from my spark plug wires. Tested the plugs and wires and they are ok. I think the coils are shot. I have a set of L67 coils laying around, can i use them on my LQ1 for replacement coils? Kinda in a bind for a budget till my next paycheck
  13. Ok a bud has a fuel pressure tester. Ill do the filter and O2 sensor and do a test and ill post what i find out
  14. and the O2 sensor doesn't throw a constant code either, every once in a while the Engine light pops on for a bit then goes away.
  15. TPS was replaced about 3,000 miles ago i forgot to mention that. Ok O2 sensor ill try and ill do the fuel filter too. Whats the easiest way to do the O2 sensor because even with the upper intake plenum off its still difficult to reach
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