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  1. No, the units are too small for a projector and most of the aftermarket projectors arent very good quality anyways, so I dont mess with those conversions too often. Factory projectors are great.. most aftermarket are junk. 5 or 6K HIDs work great.
  2. it looks like a normal mini headlight except you plug in a 9006 bulb in the back.. not much to see in the pics
  3. It currently has a black top, not sure if its original or not... it could of been white, Id have to decode the RPO sticker.. And on the HID kits, we actually the conversion headlights for these cars so you dont modify the stock units at all. The new kit has 2 new headlight non sealed units, and the HIDs plug right in .
  4. I picked it up from the original owner, little old lady... its been garaged most of its life, runs great .. and not a spec of rust on the car (its been here in Tucson since day 1) If I can find a nice set of 18" wheels I may put them on.. I have a speed shop here in Tucson, its a mod I could live with and swap back if I needed to as well easily enough. But the car is so original and un molested I would hate to change anything too far and ruin it. If I start driving it more and can put a babyseat in it correctly, I may install a HID headlight conversion too, since its all plug n play. THe car does need struts, they are pretty worn out.
  5. spent a day cleaning it up... fixing a few small things on it , bulbs etc.. honestly, the car doesnt look 21 yrs old...
  6. do you still have these springs for sale ? what yr make model car did you buy them for or where they meant to fit exactly ? is there a part # on them or the box still ? thanks
  7. Ive passed on a few of these over the yrs, but this one is a 1 owner , old lady owned it since day 1 bought here in Tucson. Other then some minor wear and tear, its a well kept CSC for the most part, that runs great and seeing as its been an AZ car since day 1... zero rust I have some plans for it to make something different with it but keep it like factory too. chances are though Ill be selling it in a few months, I buy and sell classic cars for a living from the 80s on back
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