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  1. I have a 93 regal with ABS I just replaced the brake lines and rear calipers in. I read on-line there is a specific procedure to bleed the brakes/abs system when the master cylinder runs dry. If anybody could tell what that is for my car it would be appreciated. Also on the replacement calipers it said I must adjust the parking brake or damage could occur. Are they talking about adjusting the parking brake at the equalizer or is there a separate procedure to do this? Thanks in advance!
  2. GrandRegal

    A/C PAG oil capacity

    Saar I will make sure to add the additional oil into the accumulator and let the compressor take care of the rest. Thanks again!
  3. GrandRegal

    A/C PAG oil capacity

    Hi guys, I am replacing the entire a/c system in my brother's 97 cutlass supreme. I called the compressor manufacturer and they said the compressor comes prefilled with 6.8 oz of PAG oil and the system capacity is 8.0 oz. I flushed the entire system so there shouldn't be any oil left. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the exact amounts of oil GM specs for the compressor, accumulator, condenser and evaporator? Thanks in advance!
  4. GrandRegal

    Lumina 3.1 Air Intake PCV Pipe Name???

    I don't have the name for the pipe but here is another solution
  5. GrandRegal

    95 GTP Transmission Problems

    Added video In drive parking brake set: Acceleration:
  6. GrandRegal

    95 GTP Transmission Problems

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 1995 GTP with the LQ1 and 4t-60e. The car sounds like it has a bad exhaust leak but I noticed the noise is only present in drive gears and worse under acceleration. I can rev it park or neutral and there is no exhaust leak sound. The trans shifts fine and fluid is clean but the noise is very loud and I would like to fix this before I need a new trans. Would this be a torque converter or flex plate problem? Any insight would be helpful. Thank you! - John
  7. GrandRegal

    97 Cutlass starts but wont stay running

    Thanks for the reply Rich, Fuel pressure was correct and I disconnected the battery terminals. I cant even get it running long enough to get to autozone to check codes but I have someone coming by later with a reader. Would gas getting in the sensor cause it to act like this?
  8. Hi guys, I have a 97 cutlass supreme 3100 that cranks and starts but will not run for more than 10 seconds. The car starts up, idles high around 2k and drops off until it stalls quickly. The problem started a couple days ago when I was testing fuel pressure, to address a slight misfire, and a decent amount spilled out of the valve on the fuel rail and went on top of the cam sensor and leaked down to the 24x crank sensor. I replaced the cam sensor thinking that would solve the problem but it remains exactly the same. My understanding is the car should run but just poorly if it was the cam or 24x sensor. There are no other sensors in the area and the car ran ok before this. Could it be a problem with the pcm? If anybody has any ideas of what I should look into it would be appreciated. - John
  9. GrandRegal

    Brake, Turn Signal, and Indicators Stopped Working

    I've had the exact same problem on my cutlass and regal and both times it was the turn signal switch.
  10. GrandRegal

    1992 lumina 3.1 missfiring issues,need help.

    If you want to test if the ignition coil is giving any spark without buying the hei tester you can take the wire off the sparkplug in the motor and use an old plug as you would the hei tester. If there is no spark or the spark is yellowish the coil is bad and needs to be replaced. If all cylinders give adequate spark the problem is either the icm or fuel related. Make sure to ground the plug to your battery using jumper cables if you use this method though.
  11. GrandRegal

    1992 lumina 3.1 missfiring issues,need help.

    I used this method to diagnose the problem in my regal. The hei tester costs about $10-15 bucks but you can use it to test your wires aswell. Cheap and easy way to diagnose ignition problems in obd1 car which never throw misfire codes. Link:
  12. GrandRegal

    Engine Running Hot at Idle

    Thanks for the reply. I will try to disconnect the sensor and see if the fans come on. Am I correct in assuming the gauge should stay at the lower line where it is pointed now?
  13. GrandRegal

    Engine Running Hot at Idle

    I have a 1997 Cutlass Supreme that gets too hot when idling after the car has been driven. The temp gauge stays on the line during highway driving and if it starts to overheat in traffic it cools down once moving again. The problem seems to be the radiator fans do not come on when they should but occasionally they will come on and one always comes on when I put the A/C on. Also the fan motors are brand new and this problem existed before I changed them. Any ideas what would cause this? The only thing I can think of is the coolant temp sensor is not reading correctly. Thanks for the help!
  14. GrandRegal

    92 z34 misses

    I've had the same thing happen in my Regal two separate times after coming back from vacation and both times it turned out to be failed ignition coils. Put new ones in and everything was back to normal. Like the others said there are a lot of things that could cause a miss but if the coils haven't been done in a while I would check them.
  15. GrandRegal

    Power Loss & Shudder/Missfire in Overdrive - 93 Regal

    Thanks for the reply Schurkey. The problem turned out to be a bad ignition coil. Changed it out and everything was back to normal. This is the second time i've had a coil fail when then car sat for more than a couple weeks.