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  1. I found this... Blocked monitors can have different consequences depending on the situation. If a vehicle fails it’s AirCare inspection with a P0300 (random misfire code), it is likely to have blocked several monitors from running. If this misfire has been happening for the last six months, this is very likely to have damaged the catalyst. I have p0300 and p0441.
  2. I have been driving forever trying to get my Catalyst Monitor to come back on, my codes and everything were erased and I have been doing the recommended GM drive cycle and someone told me to hop on the freeway and go 55mph for 30 miles. My CEL codes came back but the o2 and CAT monitors have not. I have driven 1500m since the reset. Any other recommendations, could something be preventing it from finishing its onboard tests?
  3. I also replace my fuel filter about same time plugs and wire. the coil pack is probably old haven't messed with it.
  4. So I couldn't pass my smog, 97 Cutlass Supreme SL. I pulled two OBD codes 1-P0300=Misfires and 2-P0441=Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow. I don't know why its misfiring and the Purge solenoid looks to be missing a hose. I replaced plugs and wires a lil while back. Any suggestions would a fuel cleaner help, might a vacuum leak be the cause or an old coil pack?
  5. Yeah I have got used to holding it in the right spot, for turn signal and brake light. SWEET Pontiac gp1991 and your Cutlass looks clean Galaxie500XL Thx 4 the input all.
  6. Well every thing should work like its supposed to after that then. Just not sure how much its gonna cost me. Thx
  7. My turn signal switch is giving out, - my Center High-Mount Stop Light (CHMSL) illuminate when i depress the brake pedal, but the lower/outer light(right side) - have to hold the signal lever in a certain spot to get the turn signals to flash - have to hold the signal lever in a certain spot to get the lower/outer brake lights to illuminate - the signals work in one direction, but not the other So I was wondering how much is it going to cost to replace the turn signal switch? I don't think I can do this my self (pulling stirring wheel and such) Any estimates would be helpful, I'm in California.
  8. I got/installed my corner light today. No more TAPE! Thanks w-body community for all the help.
  9. Yeah that's looks like it, $17 total with shipping thanks much.
  10. Hi w-body community I was wondering where could/should I buy a 92-97 Olds Supreme cpe Corner Light Turn Signal Lamp? I know its discontinued, but any other way to get one other then junk yard? Thanks in advance.
  11. Cool I might give it a go next time I have some time for my Cutlass. Thx
  12. How difficult would it be to replace my blinker lens on my own, or should I seek help? I got it like it is and I would like to fix it.
  13. Hey I was wondering if I have the right color codes for my ride 97 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL. I have 81, 8774, WA8774 Bright Red. Does any one know if that's correct?
  14. Thanks...I used Dupli-color wheel paint(silver) and Dupli-color brake caliper paint(red) about $5-$6 bucks each.
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