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  1. It's awesome how so many ppl know their stuff. Thanx.
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the headers from a 3.8 in a 3.1 sense the two engines aren't the different. Maybe some port matching would be required, but what about the bolt pattern. Has anyone tried this before?
  3. Wtf? Lol. Cool.
  4. Update. So I did the voltage test and yes there where some weak connections. Also there where some extra wires on the aux stud going to some random grounds, idk why they were just there. Also the starter was going bad and the teeth on it were kind of striped at the contact edge. As for the flywheel only some scratches nothing major. Replaced the starter removed the extra wires and boom, started right up. Thank you guys for your help, I appreciate it.
  5. My car is a 3.1 sfi montecarlo.
  6. Any specific make and model.
  7. Ok, I'll let you know how that goes. Thanx.
  8. So I've read through a lot of starter posts and they don't quite have the same problem as me. So when I go to start the car sometimes I get nothing, sometimes I get a nasty grinding noise and sometimes it fires right up. When it does nothing the lights dim on the dash and I can hear a click under the hood. So I installed a push start button so I can turn on the car. At first it would work fine, but now the grinding noise occurs when I use the push start as well. Any help I can get would be welcomed, I don't know how long the flywheel will last.
  9. It's a 95 montecarlo.
  10. And just splice to the old wires?
  11. Ok, any new censors I need to add into the budget?
  12. From what year, and model?
  13. Would the 3400 swap be a block only or the whole engine? And for the 3500 is the swap kit expensive? And lastly, any transmission issues?
  14. Elias1552


    This sea foam is an interesting idea, I'm gonna have to try it. And many websites contradict each other on the viscosity topic. I've tried different kinds of synthetics. and switching to a higher number seams to run smoother. I'm gonna have to check in a month to see how it likes it.
  15. Elias1552


    Cool then, and I'm a DIY mechanic so don't mind the wrong things I say. And of corse thank you for your help.
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