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  1. Seen this car in person quite a few times. Its a great representation of one of these cars, I can personally vouch that all mods were done the right way and high quality the first time.... GLWS
  2. forgot to add, have an old alpine H/U - CD player, comes with bezel or install kit for the 1990 grand prix. All works, maybe it even has a CD in it! Who knows, may have forgot to take it out. yours for 10.00 plus shipping
  3. Just have some stuff left over from when I had the 1990 TGP, all parts will fit a 90 TGP, not sure how interchangeable they are with other Gen 1 stuff. Letting this all go cheap, just want to help out fellow enthusiasts. Rear shocks/struts GR-2's 30.00 plus actual shipping for both still in the box, never opened. If you can find a better price for new I will beat it Passenger outer door handle - ebay/china made. What do these go for? Lets say 10.00 plus actual shipping, still in box never opened, again if you find cheaper I will beat it. center console parts for the TGP section includes the trim around the DIC and such. Has a hole or two drilled in it for someones cell phone mount. P,N,D and all that is in good shape Offer me enough to make it worth my while to drive to usps to ship it and its yours, plus actual shipping. PMIII lower accumulator housing, the part with four bolts in it near the bottom, threads are rough where accumulator screws in, would need rapaired with helicoil or something like that, will sell for 10.00 shipped Several accumulators, maybe good, maybe not, no way to test them now, ebay specials. 3, maybe 4 of them, will sell them all for whatever it costs to ship them to you. PM me your cell # for pictures and I will get them to you same day. the new in box stuff I would rather not unbox, but will if you need proof.
  4. Yes, just a universal blanket, it fit pretty well. Lol, yeah I did that the first time I tried to remove the throttle body lol, just pinched and welded. If I lived in a cold climate I would have kept it. But maintenance wise it was a huge pain
  5. sold for 900.00 Car is gone and I am W-body less... Kind of sad, kind of happy
  6. Everything is sold. Need to delete this thread
  7. Bump 600.00 come get this thing before I part it out
  8. pulley wrap and roof rails sold... Need to update. Forgot I posted here
  9. I cant remember what they call them, but I used it in my 2002 GTP
  10. Sounds good, it is rust free. let me know what you decide
  11. have one with red display, not what you're looking for I know, but make an offer, I just need it gone
  12. Just an update to this, I fixed the PMIII with a new pressure switch, I also pulled the relays and cleaned the contacts, it has been working great ever since. I was just getting motivated enough to make this thing a good DD, but then the trans started slipping. And I just dont have the desire to fix it..
  13. Bumping this thread, Transmission is starting to go out, willing to sell for cheap. 1000.00 OBO If anyone is seriously interested PM me and we can talk
  14. If it wasn't a 50 hour round trip drive I would come get the whole thing... LOL
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