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  1. I know the hot thing to do some time back was upgrading the '97-'03 GP seats to the '04 plus. I also remember reading/seeing the interior colors don't quite match. However, one set of years was a bit closer to matching the '97-'03 interior than the other, but I can't recall which. I have found several threads through Google searches about installation, but can't seem to find anything referencing the color differences.I think maybe '06 was the dividing point and the older ones were a better match? If someone here recalls, the info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. RareGMFan

    98 Dayton 500

    '00 Daytona, '01 Special and '02 40th Anniversary Editions all had that same appearance package (hood vents, roof rails, spoiler, exhaust tips, etc), though only the 40th got key colored rails. The rest got black regardless of what color the car was. Be glad you're just looking for them now. Believe it or not, there was a time that $100 was a STEAL for these, but the value has had a steep decline because interest for this platform of car in general dropped off sharply a few years ago. The first set of these rails I sold a good 5+ years ago went for $250 shipped. The second set I sold was picked up locally for $180 cash a year or so later. The last set I sold when I stripped my '01 GTP SE before sending it to the yard struggled to fetch $125. Nowadays, $100 would take a while to get.
  3. RareGMFan

    98 Dayton 500

    I think the '00 Daytona interior/exterior appearance package is a lot nicer, but that medium gulf blue color on the '98s is stunning in sunlight. Always loved those.
  4. I've got 2, but both are in pretty nice shape. Some scuffs and scrapes, but no cracks or significant damage. I'm guessing the problem with 'too nice' is it would place them out of your price range? Shipping cost is probably going to be painful on these as well given they'd have to go in an oversized and/or irregular shaped box.
  5. Just an FYI, the '02 40th Anniversary tips are also found on the '00 Daytona 500 Edition, '01 Special Edition and '03 Limited Edition package GPs.
  6. I have the one from my previous '01 GTP which was working perfectly fine before I pulled it. The engine spun a bearing, so I grabbed a whole bunch of stuff off the car before junking it.
  7. There's a few issues that I can see. For starters, it is true that brake problems are common on these cars (as with most early ABS system cars), but the problem does not stem from a simple relay. Best case scenario, it needs a new accumulator. Worst case, the entire unit/assembly needs to be rebuilt. And since this is a very early hydraulic (not vacuum) driven ABS system, remedying either problem is going to be very expensive IF you can even find the parts needed. As Imp558 mentioned, the cheapest solution is to convert to a non-ABS brake system, but that involves finding/buying parts from a non-ABS car and doing custom work, not to mention you're taking away from the car's original equipment. You also said the interior is mint. Mint means flawless/like brand new, but while most of it looks nice, I can see that the leather on the outside bolsters of both front seats has worn. While this is very common on these from getting in/out of the car, it seems more excessive than even my old TGP which had well over 100k miles on it. The outer left side bottom cushion of the driver's seat also appears to be a bit squashed. BTW, what are the wires coming out of the back of the radio? Lastly, on the exterior, the hard to find (especially in good condition), thus expensive front lower valance is missing. The power antenna also appears not to be working. And maybe it's just the way the reflections make it look, but the driver side fender looks like it's been bent in from making contact with the door when it opens. All in all, from what can be seen in the provided pictures, it looks to be in decent overall condition, but there are definitely some issues I would not expect to find on a car with very low miles for the year. I'm not trying to bash the car or you at all. Just pointing out that some of these things are rather expensive and hard to find items, so they definitely make an impact on the value of the car and hinder the ease with which you can sell it.
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