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  1. I'm stoked, I've wanted to go to one of these but the choice between that and our meet was always going to be ours. Glad we can try this for a year.
  2. A little late, but likely forward band. My Comp G did that just about 2 months after I got it. Tossed a GXP trans into it and rolling again, but only because I found it for $100 locally and got it installed cheap. Your Regal looks nice! Fix it if you can, if you think it's worth it.
  3. Might be the switch. The one in my 04 is bad, I have to hit it over and over to get it to close, it slides a little each time and finally does close. The tracks are fine and the motor is fine, the switch just likely has bad contacts.
  4. Yeah, you guys are pretty much going to be on speed dial this weekend. I'll plan on removing the pinch bolt. This will give me a little practice in case I ever need to drop the subframe on my 04 to replace sensors in the trans pan.
  5. Also, if anyone knows, a step mentioned to me was to remove the steering shaft - was that overlooked here or is it strictly necessary?
  6. I'm going to be doing this in my driveway this weekend - I edited the post for a little bit of clarity as the forum redesign completely fucked the formatting and everything was all jumbled. I'm sure I'll encounter some outlying steps but I'll need this kind of thing to keep myself on some semblance of a procedure. If anyone has anything to add, please post.
  7. Sorry we couldn't make it. Carri had really bad chest pains the night before and we spent the night at the hospital fearing heart issues. They ran a shit ton of tests and found out she may be having esophageal spasms causing the symptoms. Scary stuff for us. I want to see pics. We will definitely be out in June, or maybe we can set up a mini-meet soon or something.
  8. OK, well, apparently we ARE coming. Saturday into Sunday for sure. Schedule changed and I don't have to work.
  9. Unfortunately, it's looking like I will not be there. Things just aren't working out in our favor. Sorry guys.
  10. I may be up for a few but money is extremely tight that weekend. Probably won't be staying the night.
  11. Nah, I actually drove my car to work today. And it did not overheat. But it was definitely spewing steam from the exhaust the other day and from the rear of the engine too. I don't know. Whatever. I haven't done any proper testing, but I'm done fucking about with the damn thing. It's up for sale for $1000 OBO.
  12. I also have a 2nd gen GP sunroof glass -- probably would fit a Regal as well, but not sure. Measurements are 33 1/2" long and 21 1/4" wide.
  13. I have a JVC EXAD KD-AVX2 head unit that I'd sell if anyone is interested. Works fine, I just got a 2-din touchscreen. I have the remote for it as well. Would like $100 but open to offers. It's a very nice deck, DVD-Audio capability, DTS decoding and 5.1 surround playback.
  14. I wish there was a place like that around here.
  15. If I drive my GTP in 5th gear out to Toledo can we change the transmission in the parking lot of RRI?? I'm so pissed my trans swap fell through earlier this year. I've come so fucking close to just dropping it myself in the driveway but I don't have enough know-how to make it happen.
  16. 1. Psych0matt 2. Imp558 3. GOT2B GM 4. WhatTheFehl 5. vipmiller803 - Sat only 6. BREAKDOWN - Friday, Saturday, Sunday only. 7. gp1138 and wifey
  17. Nah, I have no need for them, really. Thanks tho!
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