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  1. Nas Escobar

    Free engine covers!

    I'll take the other one..I'll
  2. Nas Escobar 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Is this seriously going to be in the calendar? Because if that's the case I'll submit my Z34.
  3. Are you willing to part with the Eagle 077's? And did Mach5 claim the seats?
  4. Nas Escobar

    1992 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 parts

    These don't have the AQ9 seats right?
  5. Nas Escobar

    FS: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri. $500)

    That actually hurts lol If I could, I would but I'm maxed out on space.
  6. Nas Escobar

    FS: American Racing Aero

    Do you need a spacer for these wheels, and where are you located?
  7. Nas Escobar

    '91-96 GP headlight HID/LED light tutorial?

    GM in its infamous cost sharing technique used the headlight in the... - 1992-1997 Cutlass Supreme -1992-1996 Grand Prix -1993-1997 Camaro - 1992-1993 Geo Storm
  8. Nas Escobar

    Not a new member but been gone for awhile

    A FWD regal with a GNX series license plate. That's gold.
  9. No but my understanding is that you like farting anyway
  10. Will this fix the spacing issue on mobile?
  11. Nas Escobar

    The Official W-Body Production Numbers Thread

    Just why?
  12. Nas Escobar

    95 vert for sale - $2000.00

    So many weekends passed by though.
  13. Nas Escobar

    94 lumina hvac controls not working

    Is it blowing at the defroster and floor? You'd have to check the vacuum line that goes to the vacuum ball in the fender.
  14. Nas Escobar

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum
  15. Nas Escobar

    Hard Riding 97 Cutlass Coupe

    They don't rent the tool anymore.