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  1. Nas Escobar

    Busted my passenger side mirror

    GM was very selective about that one. W body mirrors are fixed throughout the whole run but for some reason the later N bodies and J bodies got mirrors that could fold but they would return to position via a spring. The N body thing is even funnier because Grand Ams got 2 different mirrors depending if it was SE or GT. One of them would fold and have the spring, the other wouldn't because the design was a dual post mirror.
  2. Nas Escobar

    94 Cutlass vert

    Welcome. What size wheels are on it?
  3. Nas Escobar

    New to the site!

    I haven't had a fb since 2012 and haven't looked back since
  4. Nas Escobar

    FS: 1990 Turbo STE 5 speed for parts - $800, Ann Arbor

    Is it still available? Haven't heard from the seller on here and I know it's on CL.
  5. Nas Escobar

    New Owner - Regal GS

    Welcome to the forum
  6. Nas Escobar

    New Owner!

    I would swap out the tank. Fuel in the tank that's left sitting attracts moisture and it may be weakened enough to have a leaking area. Besides, as someone else said, if you buy the whole thing with the fuel pump it's apparently cheaper.
  7. Nas Escobar

    FS: 1990 Turbo STE 5 speed for parts - $800, Ann Arbor

    For a parts car, this is perfect for you. From what I'm reading, the engine runs but needs to be dialed in, and it's a 5 speed, which would lend itself to something better with a blown 3800. A good chunk of the car would bolt up to your 92 Cutty.
  8. Nas Escobar

    W-body Nationals June 2019

    Closest one would be LKQ in Dayton which is huge as hell. I went there 2 years ago. But it would be a 3 hour drive from Toledo. Yeah but not all of us have facebook. I refuse to have one.
  9. Nas Escobar

    New to the site!

    You don't need to bend it to get the plugs. I never had that and I've actually had to fish out broken wire tips.
  10. Nas Escobar

    Free engine covers!

    I'll take the other one..I'll
  11. Nas Escobar 2019 Calendar Submissions

    Is this seriously going to be in the calendar? Because if that's the case I'll submit my Z34.
  12. Are you willing to part with the Eagle 077's? And did Mach5 claim the seats?
  13. Nas Escobar

    1992 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 parts

    These don't have the AQ9 seats right?
  14. Nas Escobar

    SOLD: 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 (76k miles, Missouri)

    That actually hurts lol If I could, I would but I'm maxed out on space.
  15. Nas Escobar

    FS: American Racing Aero

    Do you need a spacer for these wheels, and where are you located?