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  1. hello all, a couple questions first i have a 92 cutlass vert. it is a good running 3.1 just looking for another maybe 20 horse. first off what would be a good cam for this engine? i want more tourqe and hp but with good gas milage. also will the 2000 and new exhaust manifols fit my older 3.1 for better flow so i can get rid of the log style manifolds? also who has the best chip and is it noticible and worth the money? and lastly can a torque converter be changed to say a 2500 rpm stall with no problems like check engine light? this is my daily driver so i dont want big issues but do need at least another 20 hp and more tourqe. oh and where do you find a cold air intake? thanks for your time and i hope somone cane help. rich
  2. i want to upgrade my 92 cutlass convertible so it stops better. braking seems hard when needing to quickly stop almost like i am standing on them. the car does have new front brakes and rotors. my car does not have abs which is fine just want better braking. can i use them off a newer cutlass? or is the another route i should go? thanks rich
  3. Does anyone know the stock side panel speaker size on a 92 cutlass convertible. Thanks rich
  4. Yep i already changed filter and fluid and same deal. I dont think it down shifting when coming to a stop
  5. thelegend32


    does anyone have the wiring instructions for putting a l67 in a 92 cutlass with 3.1?
  6. ok so my trans is on its last leg. The engine is a 3.1 in a 92 cutlass vert. It will only pull out from a stop if i manually put it in 1st gear and shift it. So would you 1) buy a junkyard trans? Best i found was 88,000 mile trans for 350.00. Or would you l67 swap motor and trans into the vert? I found a l67 motor for 400.00 and 107,000 miles on it. Or would you put a 3400 in it and just buy the trans for 350.00 i said about. Or another option is put a cam in the 3.1 and replace the trans. I am geussing thats the easiest. The very is heavy and slow lol. I also own a fully restored 73 trans am with a 455 so the cutlass dont have to be real fast just need about another 20 horse to the wheels. I mean shit i got beat by a sunfire convertinle with a 2.2!!!!!! sorry for sounding like i cant make up. But i cant and want your guys input.
  7. I have a 92 cutlass vert that i am kicking around the idea of swaping out the 3.1 for an l67. Looking for maybe some help if you are in maryland or chambersburg pennsylvania area??
  8. Awesome so where can i get a wire harness i need for the swap and also is there someone who can make them where they are ready to go meaning all will hook up to the firewall connector? What car should tge moyor and trans come from and is a direct bolt in?
  9. i have a 92 cutlass vert and would like to speak to anyone who has done the sawp. thanks rich
  10. Thanks everyone for their input. So with all the answers i have skipped the idea of buying the van. if i am gonna do wiring i am gonna swap in a 3800 sc. Is there a write up on swapping that engine trans in a cutlass vert?. also who can i get ahold of to make me a wire harness to do the swap? Thanks rich
  11. first off hello everyone my name is rich and new to the site. i have been doing alot of reading here and finally joined. i have owned 4 cutlass's and a few early 90s z24 cavaliers. so here is my project. i have recently bought a 92 cutlass convertible with a 3.1 engine. the trans started shuddering and sometimes dotn even pull out in drive after making a stop it just revs. but if i manually put it into first and shift it is fine. so i wanna swap out the engine and trans since the trans i believe is on its way out. the car has 170,000 miles on it. i was gonna go the 3.8 supercharged route but didnt wanna get into all the extra stuff you have to do to hook it all up so i decided to go with a 3400. so here is my question. i found a wrecked 2002 pontiac motana and i would like to know if the engine and trans are a direct bolt in and will i have a noticible power gain and feel in the convertible? the convertible is heavy and the 3.1 is not nearly enough for that car. the big thing is will that trans from the montana bolt up in the cutlass and will everything run fine? does the trans have the same connectors and will it and the motor run fine on the 3.1 computer? thanks for all your guys help!! by the way the guy with the monanta said he guarentees the motor and trans are good. the motana has 112,000 on it and was wrecked in the front. he said cant be started because of the accident both air bags came out and it cut the fuel off to the engine.
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