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  1. Great shape for a 120 year old car lol
  2. Will require some massaging of the dash bar
  3. Tip on shipping brace. You don't actually have to box it. I've shipped a bunch by just hanging a ship label to them with a ziptie. Knocks like $8-10 off shipping
  4. One nice thing about an 06 is it doesn't actually use an oil pan gasket. Just rtv. So just re rtv
  5. Personally I'd just do a 3800 swap. My 97 Monte was 3400 swapped when I got it. Did a few things to pep it up while I was collecting to l67 swap. Once I did my bone stock l67 swap I felt goofy for the work I put into the 3400 lol
  6. 3400 throttle body wakes one up. And you might look into a 3500 topend swap. Swap to 3500 heads and intake
  7. On my Monte I used a mount kit from a 2000ish Malibu after I trimmed inside dash a but while I was still running single din
  8. I ran a 3400 on 3100 stock tune just fine. Should you wanna t65 swap you need a harness from a 00-01 lumina and pcm from same car with gear ratio corrected
  9. Yeah I've rocked cut springs 6 years now
  10. It's really easy to remove the rear hub once you're that far in. Just 4 10 mm head bolts
  11. Pads that were on the monte were fairly expensive. And almost new. Previous owner nearly had a stroke when i told her I threw them away lol
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