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  1. If you can picture this... Right behind the heater there is a rectangular opening that has like a 3inch wide by 10 opening. I can see the blend open and close when I change the temperature from hot to cold. the blend door when the hot is selected starts to turn but doesn't close squarely over the opening. Inside it closes on a 45 degree angle. Now Pitzel states that I can just reach up there and grab the door by hand and reset it. It sounds simple but I need to know if there is a track that the door fits into or if the door has a nipple on it that pops back into a hole. Im not sure if a bad actuator would cause the door to close crooked
  2. does that also mean the shaft of the motor that controls the door is bent?
  3. one last question... How is the door held in place when you reseat it? does the door have like small dimples on it that lock into place? Did you use a screw driver or some other tool?
  4. So I remove the black box cover that exposes the heater core and door. did you just reach up in there and moved the door or did you have to remove the entire heater box that requires the entire dash to be removed
  5. It's a 1993 cutlass supreme convertible with the auto climate controls. Now, for the story... When heat is set to 90 the passenger side blows hot and driver side luke warm. The actuators are all working properly. The climate control has no error codes and tested good. The following items are new: New water pump, Thermostat, radiator, and heater core. Knowing that all these items were new, I started looking closer at the heater box. I removed the both lower underdash panels, as well as, the lower part of the dash where the ash tray is. I then removed the lower heater box cover exposing the heat core and bottom blend door. I started checking the actuators one at a time verifying that they are work properly. The last thing I checked for was the operation of the blend door from heat to cold. This is where things get interesting. When I start adjusting the temp from 90 to 60 the blend door opens and closes. The problem is that when I set it to 90, the blend door comes down and instead of closing completely flush against the 3 x 8 opening, the blend door closes on the passenger side but closes at an angle and the drivers side has a one inch gap. Therefore, the luke warm air on the drivers side and hot on the passenger. So the question is, has anyone ever run into this problem? is the door broken or can something be bent or is something installed improperly? I know the answer is anyone of these but I wanna know if anyone has ever run into this problem before.
  6. I have a 1993 Cutlass Supreme convertible with the 3.4 DOHC engine. I change oil religiously every 3,000 miles. Upon a cold start, the oil pressure needle is about a 1/4 inch above the second hash mark. When I say second hash mark. If you could pretend that the oil gauge was the fuel gauge it would show a quarter inch more than a quarter tank left upon startup and stays on the quarter mark when idling hot. I know its acceptable for these engines to have 15psi when idling hot. Well, my question is, the gauge is not numbered so you really don't know the true oil pressure unless you put a mechanical gauge on it. Does anyone have an idea of how much oil pressure is when its at the quarter mark?
  7. Can someone please provide me step by step instructions as to how to replace the heater core in my 93 Cutlass Convertible? If there's any shortcuts I can use them as well
  8. The water pump , thermostat, and radiator are all brand new. The blend door actuators tare working properly. its 100% heater core. I just started flushing and it was pretty clear water both ways. When i put a cleaner in the heater and let it set for 15 minutes and then filled the line with water, I then used my air hose to blow it out and all kind of crap came out of the core
  9. The thermostat was replaced when i rebuilt the engine 7k ago. i just need to know if the water flows from the water pump through the heater hose along the passenger side frame rail that goes into the heater core and out by the steel coolant line by the side of the master cylinder.The line you speak off that has the quick dissconnect connects to that steel tube that goes into the heater core
  10. I have a 1993 Cutlass Supreme convertible with a 3.4 engine. I need to flush the hear core because the car has very little heat blowing out of the vents. Yes, the coolant is at full level. I would like to know how the water flows in and out of the heater core in order to back flush it. You have one of the heater hose lines that follows the passenger side frame rail and clamps onto the waterpump neck. The other heater hose is by the master cylinder. So, does the water flow from the mater cylinder to the pump or from the pump to the master cylinder
  11. I tried using a wire already. is there some type of solvent I can flood the port with that would desolve it?
  12. I have a 1993 Olds Cutlass 3.4 DOHC. I have been getting codes for the EGR. I removed the Egr and tried to scrape out the Carbon buildup in the plenum. I poured water into the EGR port and it just fills up when I think it should be an open port leading back into the plenum for the egr gases to burn off. Has anyone run into this problem and how did they unclog it?
  13. I replaced the lock cylinder... 94 Olds Vert sent me a linkas to how to remove & restall. To clean up the instructions provided with the link. Once you pull off the steering wheel, you will see the turnsignal mechanism. There are 3 torque screws. One on top and two on the bottom. Remove those 3. Tilt the steering wheel all the way up to access the the screw holding the lock cylinder in place. In addition, the silver plug with the square hole... when using a screwdriver, you must press down firmly and turn counter clockwise to remove. My only problem was that I tried using a screwdriver and needle nose pliers to plug out the chime plug but still ended up breaking it and I'm very mechanical inclined. Then again, it would have broke because the key was broken off inside the cylinder
  14. I have a 1993 Cutlass Supreme convertible. My daughter broke the key off in the ignition switch. Can someone provide me step by step instructions as to how to replace it?
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