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  1. For those who might be interested, I took a temp gun and checked the temperature in front and back of the catalytic converter. The temp in front of the cat 142 & 117 behind, so I pulled the O2 sensor out and started it up and let it run for about 30 minutes. Though a bit loud it ran great. The temps were low because the motor was cold, but the temps in front of the cat should be lower than behind it due to the chemical reaction of the exhaust with the ceramics into the converter. I replaced the converter and life is now what it should be. Thanks everyone!
  2. By the way it has 42 psi at the fuel rail.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm having a problem with the 3.1 in my '92 CSC. It was running fine and all of a sudden it started running rough, sputtering, and blowing black smoke and then would die. After it sat for a while it would start and run fine for a bit and do it again. It threw a bunch of codes so I replaced the O2 sensor, plugs, wires, ICM, now it will start, idle great, then shut off. Now it throws a 23 & 43 codes. These codes are kind of vague. Can anyone here shed light on this for me.
  4. Reride

    Oil Pressure Switch

    Yes, the oil pressure is 28-30 psi cold at idle. I have swapped sensors from other motors and even bought a new one and am still having the same result. Just to let you my Car is a '92 CSC, the digi cluster came a '90 CS both with 3.1's. I cut out the resistor and reconnected all 3 wires as they were connected from the factory. All this and still no luck. Also, the guage bulb tests ok.
  5. Reride

    Oil Pressure Switch

    Thanks, Rich_e777. I tried searching the site but didn't think to search rock-auto or other parts sites. Thank you again, Steve.
  6. Reride

    Oil Pressure Switch

    I found the o. p. switch on the 3.4. I just need to know if it will work in the 3.1.
  7. Can anyone tell me if a '94 3.4 LQ1 oil pressure/fuel pump switch will work with a '92 3.1, or if it even has one. Thanks, Steve.
  8. Thank you very much Crazy K!!!! I will look for resistor tomorrow when I get home from work. It will nice to see my oil pressure gauge work the way it is suppose too. Thanks again, Steve.
  9. Both switches long and short are 3 wire. I did however get it started. Somehow I managed to blow fuel pump fuse. I replaced it and it starts fine now. Only thing now is the oil pressure gauge still does not fluctuate, just a constant reading. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. I will get a new sensor. but which one should I get. The longer one for the '91 or the shorter one for the '92?
  11. It would start right away. I have never been able to hear the fuel pump.
  12. While trying to make my oil pressure gauge in my Digi UB3 I swapped the sensor from the '91 CSC that I got the cluster from into the '92 CSC that digi is swapped into. The car will crank but not start now, even after I swapped the old sensor back in. Did I blow a fusible link or something. Which one should I use with the Digiital UB3 and is there anything else need to do so that oil pressure gauge will work? The started and ran just fine last night. BTW both cars are 3.1's. Thanks, Steve.
  13. Ok, I'm a dumb a**! The oil pressure plug I got off the '91 3.1 CSC with the digital UB3 and the one on my '92 3.1 CSC are the same. So I will start over. My issue is the oil pressure gauge reads nothing for pressure when the key is on (bulb test) and low light is lite. With the motor running it goes to the 3rd mark position and never fluctuates. I won't think this is normal. Could someone make a suggestion on what I might try next? Thanks, Steve.
  14. Hi Guys, Last year I swapped a digital UB3 into my '92 3.1l CSC with the help of RobertlSaar and others on this forum and it works great! Now I need to wire the oil pressure sensor for the 3 wire plug. Can someone let me know where to run the 3rd wire so that it will work correctly on the cluster. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  15. Roger that, RobertlSaar. At least now I know what look for. Thank you very much, Steve.
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