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  1. Would you possibly know where the Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Switch within this engine? lol. I am having a hard time finding it to test it. Thank you!
  2. This is for a 1994 Cutlass Supreme 3.4L. (Sorry about that). The system seems to work fine and is blowing cold air in the cabin with the secondary fan is running. I did a bypass (connected direct to battery) from the electrical harness to make sure the fan would work and it does. I guess my other question is how can find what wire went bad using a multimeter? I was able to test both relays on the primary fan and they work. I checked the fuses under the passenger side glove department and they seem fine. Thank you for the help.
  3. I am referring to the secondary radiator fan. Yes, I still have warm air blowing into the cabin.
  4. I was recently had an ac problem which I fixed by adding refrigerant. However the car was not cooling down inside. So I went to clean the radiator then noticed the secondary fan not turning on. I got creative with the hose and sprayed the secondary fan and went in the car and the ac cool air was working. I went ahead and ordered a new fan motor and installed it tonight. But still I do not have cool ac air in the cabin. Any ideas if it’s a relay or not? And the secondary dumb question from me, what is the easiest way to test it with a multimeter? thanks for any help! I thought I solved the problem. Lol go figure!
  5. Funny you should mention this. I went to get more refrigerant and I did put it up to around 40 PSI. Problem now, is its still blowing warmish air. From putting all that in, I let it run for awhile and did not notice any leaks. So its still in the system, but don't quite know whats causing it not to blow. I think I have to check my radiator next, maybe wash it off with a house. The Fans both work in front of the radiator. When the I turn on and off the AC, it definitely working because you can hear the engine rev change alittle. I have no idea what else to look for lol.
  6. I have another question if you guys don't mind. Is it normal for the fluid to go from around 40 to 30 psi when revving up the engine from the throttle? Do I need to place more refrigerant in the system?
  7. I think I might of had this topic somewhere else. I'm sorry if I did. The AC in the car is just blowing very cool warmish air. I have read other places that if its hot, refrigerant would need to be filled. I went ahead and bought ACPRO with the Meter on it. Seems like the system is green and has plenty of juice. It looks like the compressor is working. Both Fans in front of the radiator are working normally. The only thing I can not seem to find is the evaporator. I would think if that is not the problem, I would have a leak of some sorts somewhere. I saw another product by ACPRO called Super Seal. I was wondering would it hurt trying to use this to help or would it ruin the system? And I am guessing if I have to take it to a shop its going to cost a lot of $$$. Thanks for any help and advice. (PS the car is not a daily driver)
  8. I was driving yesterday morning and the air conditioning was properly working. However, (First time since I have had the car), that the car would not put out cold air as I drove home. I am wondering if its just a fluke or I need to go somewhere to fill up the fridgerent with a can at walmart or something. Thanks for any ideas.
  9. I was wondering what I could do, (if anything) to possibly make this look like the rest of the cars clear coat. If not, is there something I can put on it to help protect the paint. Thank you!
  10. Someone mentioned to me, that if you do not have enough power from the engine as you accelerate, it could be the catalytic converter. Has anyone have any ideas on this? The guys said, his vehicle could not run very well when the was accelerating down the road. He took it to a mechanic who drilled a small hole before the catalytic converter in the pipe. The guy drove the car and it seemed that the power had almost came back. Guy ended up replacing his catalytic converter. Would that still hold true with a 1994 3.4V that has around 130,000 miles on the engine? Thanks for any advice!
  11. Any tips for storing the convertible outside during winter? I am not planning to drive it as a daily driver. Tarp on top cover or just let it run for awhile once a week... Usually the car is in the garage, but we are moving and boxes are now in the garage. FUN!
  12. I keep getting referred to a heat blend or actuator. I have the service manual but I can not see where it is in relation to under the dash. Any one have a photo of what it looks like and where? lol.
  13. Just got an update on this this weekend. We were looking MAF sense and was unclamping the throttle body from the intake. We noticed that the was a kink in where the throttle body lip connects to the intake. Guessing it was open as I was driving it. Anyways, so far I have not had any of the problems I was experiencing so far... something so simple. can cause all sorts of weirdness.
  14. Ok. How about a recommendation for a beginner? lol
  15. Nope the check engine light is not on. If it does not come one, I would assume that means everything is in working order. What type of scan tool do you have? What can you do with it (if) the check engine light does not come on? Can you still check the cars range?
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