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    Initially owned a 2000 Impala 3400 which the previous owner liked to scrape the front end on parking blocks so the transmission fluid lines wore through which resulted in me blowing the transmission , so I bought a 2001 Impala LS 3800. N/A at this point in time, plans for a couple turbos or possibly a dual-charged system in the future!
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    Hamilton, Ontario
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    cars, women, weed, and my computer.
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    Lawn mowing/landscaping crew leader
  1. Also, the interior is pretty rough since all the police equipment was ripped out and there's wires sticking out under the dash and the headliner wasn't put back on properly but the wires can be shoved back under the dash after I cap them and the headliner seems like it could just snap back in fairly easily.
  2. Yup, I bought it - the stickers are already gone, but the spotlight is still there (LED spotlight to boot), still has the strobes in the headlights and tail lights too! Not to mention the hard plastic rear seat... All for $3k. The paint is rough, but the chassis and body are in really good condition for a P71, and the paint I can do myself. All it needs to safety is one rear tire. For some reason it has 3 brand new tires but one nearly-bald one which confuses me but oh well I can't wait to drive this badboy home SIDEWAYS!
  3. Today I'm going to check out some local P71 Crown Vics, so this might very well be my last weekend driving a w-body. Although the w-body platform is familiar to me, the problems with them and cost of parts as well as being FWD have pretty much driven me away. So, I'm going with what I wanted originally - a P71. It's a 2007 with 177k on it, but really that's nothing for a P71. I hope to eventually swap a 5 or 6-speed manny into it, but that likely won't start until next summer. Here's some pics - Decals are going to be removed, other than that it's as-is.$_20.JPG$_20.JPG$_20.JPG$_20.JPG
  4. I don't have a super serious system yet, but still when I have my subs cranked literally EVERY piece of the interior shakes and rattles together. Anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it? I'm thinking of just getting some thin foam weatherstripping and jamming it between everything so it at least can't make noise...
  5. The types and number of available sensors you can monitor through the OBD port is different for all vehicles. I've used my tool on older vehicles and gotten more information than some of the newer vehicles. At the Ford dealership I work at there's always tons of rads and coolers getting thrown out so I'm most likely going to re-use one of those (after completely cleaning it out of course). My big questions are - how to mount the core and where would be the best place? I'm in Canada so sticking it closer to the bottom of the car is a bad idea because of the salt and snow but I don't want to mount it too high where it won't get any airflow...
  6. Is it a replaceable part? Could you buy a replacement piece?
  7. I don't actually have a trans temp gauge, but I can't imagine it being any hard part failure otherwise it would be happening when the car is cold. When it's cold, it shift perfectly fine. No slip or bang, not a thing. It's only when the engine temp gauge gets to normal operating temp (middle of the gauge) that it begins shifting badly. I've heard of other people having this problem and when they installed an aux cooler it stopped their problems, so I figure I might as well do the same.
  8. Yeah, ports aren't hard to do and the stick-on ones are a really good way to make a nice car really ugly IMO. Great car, I love Buicks.
  9. The Intrigues ran the 4T65E? If so, I'd be interested... If you're close, would you be able to pick it up for me and ship it out? I'm in Ontario... I'll pay S&H and also pay you for the gas money used as well as for your troubles...
  10. I'm going to try and install an aftermarket trans cooler to keep my non-HD tranny happy... I'm still getting slip-bangs from a rolling stop, but it only happens once the car has been driven for a while. During the summer, it would start happening after maybe 5-10 mins of driving, but since the weather has gotten cooler it takes maybe 20-30 minutes to start so I'm hoping that an auxiliary trans cooler will stop the slipping altogether. Has anyone done this to their own car? Could you tell me exactly what I have to buy and do to get it all hooked up?
  11. Hey, just a quick question - anyone else noticed that the 3400 cars seem to have more power than the 3800 cars? I was just thinking about my 3400 impala today, and remembered how easy it was to spin the wheels on it whereas my 3800 Impala basically doesn't get any wheelspin at all. Of course, the 3400 had stock tires and my 3800 has Pirelli P4's, but doesn't the 3800 produce more torque?
  12. Hey, I guess it's been a while since I was last here... Mainly because I lost my license due to a medication that I have to take, so my car has been sitting at the curb for the past 4 months (since early Summer) while I fight the government to prove that the meds don't affect my driving. I hate having to walk home from work every day and see it sitting there with the tires going hard, but there's nothing I can do. Anyways, I've been starting it up every once in a while to keep the engine lubed up (especially with the freezing temps coming in) and the other day when I started it, I heard squeaking and it just didn't sound right at all. I popped the hood, and noticed that it seems like the AC compressor clutch is somehow seized up. With the AC OFF, it still wants to spin but it seems like the compressor might have seized too since I have a leak. I figure if the clutch got stuck and kept the pulley going with that leak, it would have run the compressor dry and f*cked it (just a theory). So rather than fix it I'm thinking of just deleting the entire A/C system. I know it's a pain in the ass, but as long as I don't have a license the car will just be sitting there so I have plenty of time to do it. I also understand that there's some environmental concerns but since the AC has leaked itself dry already, I don't see what more it could do to the atmosphere. I know just doing a pulley bypass is a lot easier, but I don't see the point in leaving the entire heavy system in if it's not doing anything. It's just dead weight. My question is - has anyone done an A/C delete? What are some of the major steps involved?
  13. What exactly are you looking for? Weight loss, or air flow?
  14. Yes, they go from near the centre of the car to the inside of the wheel but as far as I can remember there's only one per side on the back... They're exactly like tie rods with the threads for adjusting camber.
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