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  1. I like these ones but they are quite expensive! And I don´t like to cut these!
  2. I´ve recently change all the bushings in my Cutlass. But lately it´s been doing some strange things when turning to the right. I´ve found that one of the 4 rear struts that go along with the leaf spring has losen. It seems that both bushings are loose from that bar. Is there any thing better to install there? Some adjustable struts like those in Corvette´s? I don´t want to use those bars again!!! Thanks!
  3. Hi, Like some of you already know I´ve got stucked in the middle of an engine pull out because of a dammed freeze plug. Trying to get the best of all this work I´ve bought and changed not only those freeze plug but also, alternator, high pressure steering hose, engine mounts, etc. Now I need to buy oil for the beast but I´m in doubt if I´m gonna use the same I´ve been using. Here in Uruguay I found a couple of brands that had 5w 30 oil and I´ve choosen Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech 5w 30. Liqui Moly has a lot of other oils including those with MOS2 and other things. I know my LQ1 burns some oil between changes, should I change the 5w30 ? Or maybe try some other like those with aditives for worn engines??? What should I do?
  4. When you are turning you hear this whining noise and you feel like you are doing to much force, and it´s the same if you turn right or left
  5. Sometime ago I´ve flushed the power steering fluid and used that seafom liquid hoping to get a smooth steering but it didn´t improve at all. Do you think it would be wise to change the rack and pinion? power steering pump?
  6. Finally out!! Now that is out, what do you recommend to change/check in the car? I´m planning to change de HVAC pipe line, check the steering, do some cleaning, check alternator..... what else do you think I could do? Thanks!
  7. Now I need to fix that plug! Which is the easiest way to take that flywheel off? Is there a way to do it without pulling out the entire engine? I don´t want to uninstall the air conditioning and everything else not involved in this!!
  8. I've found the leak!!! It´s behind the flywheel, on the fron side of the engine. I've bought one of those usb endoscope cameras and took some interesting pics! Surfing for pics of that back side without a flywheel I've found what it seems to be a lq1 without a plug!! But mine has one and maybe other one on the other side!!
  9. It's leaking from the forward side, maybe it's that plug hiding behind the engine mount?
  10. Hi guys! I've been searching for a coolant leak for 2 months and I've changed every hose, LIM gasket, O-ring, etc. I'm guessing there's a leak between the engine and transmission, that´s where I can trace the leak. Does anyone know if there's a freeze plug there? I'll try to use some DIY pressure testing and try to isolate the leak. I need some guidance!!! Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys! I'm having a coolant leak too and I can´t find the source! I´ve replaced the LIM gasket and all hoses and I´ve checked everything twice. For two weeks I have not had any leaks but on Saturday again!! It´s not the LIM gaskets, the O ring or hoses. I know that the leak it´s between the engine and the transmission. Is there any freeze plug between them? Or maybe a head gasket failure? Thanks!
  12. No, I'm waiting for all those gaskets to arrive and yes I'm planning to perform a pressure test. Do you know where I can find those isolators?
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