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  1. Im in NJ. But if there was wear inside the engine, due to flushing like crazy, or removing crap that was keeping metal parts from wearing (weird, but that's what they say), a heavier oil should help things a bit I would have thought (so did a lot of experts). But it just made it worse, to the point the noise doesn't really go away (haven't started it in a few days). Before, even after idling in traffic, and panicking over all the noise, I'd park it, leave it alone overnight, and no noise when starting it the next day. But not w/the 10w40. Then there's the thumping after driving it for a while (w/o idling). Would seem to drive fine more or less, but there would be that light thumping after parking it. O man, why me!
  2. I'm not in Illinois pardner (I looked quick, maybe it was Indiana). The local yard quoted me 750$. Not the end of the world really (well, I am only working part time...). Thing is you could get a piece of crap engine. Better that I found someone parting out something on craigslst I think. I'll need to change the gaskets regardless? Oi vay. In a day. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Me, it would take the better part of a week. I said I could swing a wrench, don't mean I'm a fast swinger. But I didn't hear anyone giving any suggestions about my current engine. Feelings, thoughts, dreams, aspirations... Still love this board. I think I liked the old look better though. I'm 48 and I got to squint, and the dark background don't make it easier.
  3. I can swing a wrench as good as any you, just not a lot of (or make that none) experience with removing or dismantling major engine components. I am schmott though. Not sure if it's better to rebuild or just buy (I'm in NJ). No way to really pick up an engine if I bought one, so would need it delivered in that event. I did a number on mine. Overflushed, waited too long to change gaskets. Low oil pressure (intermittent, particularly when idling), noisy, lifters etc. Generally makes noise only after heating up, sitting in traffic (not long). But after putting 10w40, it just seems to have goteen worse. I guess a lot of this could be on account of crud finding it's way into narrow passageways. Or I should be so lucky. I put Pennz HM 1040 upon recommendation. I think it made the situation worse not better (which could make sense if passageways were already restricted I guess). Liked using it for short runs, but that's not even much of a possibility anymore. Unless I go back to 10w30. And maybe some MM oil? I'm mainly concerned w/the lower part of the engine (except for the gaskets). Could find a 500$ engine somewhere, but how to get it here, etc. Oh, it's not a w, but rather a 2001 Venture. Don't hate me please. Looking to buy something else for now, this Le Sabre about 90 minutes away looks so nice. Am torn between fixing or buying. I will eventually fix the Venture, but later or sooner.
  4. what would you suggest? I'm not taking the lower manifold off now. Nuh uh, no way. Is my engine a goner?
  5. Hmmm could their purpose be to provide electrical insulation so the injectors don't short out against the engine?
  6. 4 fell off presumably upon removal of the injectors. Little black pastic sleeves or open caps that snap on the end of the injector. Will these just burn up or gum up my cylinders? Are they necessary for proper operation of the injectors? Or is the o ring all that's needed? You can't seem to buy them anywhere. Would some rtv make up the difference? If so what type? I have red on hand. 2001 3.4L. Thanks in advance.
  7. It's one of many possibilities. Some cars have 2, yours probably only 1. I was just putting it out there. if it gets progressively worse your chances of figuring out what it is will be greater, along with whatever knowledge you absorb, and your willingness to troubleshoot. Got a Haynes manual? Helped me narrow down to the problem when I was going through it (really had no way of knowing my problem was the computer until it died/wouldn't start, as I didn't have sophistcated test equipment hooked up to the car while it was operating. If it's just a relatively uncommon event, it's anybody's guess and only a guess. Tune it up, plugs and wires, try some dry gas, fuel injector cleaner, air filter, have the throttle body cleaned. Could be a dirty sensor. Like I said I have an intermittent bucking problem in my van, much more severe then yours, when it decides it wants to be a dancing fool. One thing on the radar is a rely or solenoid in the tranny. But I say many prayers it has nothing to do wit. my tranny. Glad to hear there's no white smoke, or any other color.
  8. 6$ at Advance. And I have plans for those 2$ I saved so don't ask! I think I'm just going to cut the pipe off at the thermostat end and run hose. It already uses a small length to join the bypass pipe and this thing, so I can't see the problem.
  9. Oh and don't rule out the computer, my 3.1 Lumina had been doing crazy dances until it wouldn't start altogether 1 day. I waited 6 weeks last year before replacing it, didn't even swap the prom - started right up. And despite receiving a message from God - I could tell the story - that it was the computer the day it died or the day after, I chose to keep troubleshooting. And learned tons in the process. Best not to ignore God's messages though LOL.
  10. I think you mean ICM. Anyway on my van, which has 2 crank sensors bucking could be a function of 1 (or both?). Not there yet ... No white smoke out the tail?
  11. And a round of thanks to all who let me know about the cheaper options. Wasn't dreading cutting the stuff, the little bolt/coolant? holes had me a little concerned though. I was thinking a just score them out with a very sharp X-acto blade.
  12. Maybe I mistook bolt holes for coolant ducts. Someone on a different forum said DON'T use anything but the ready made (nylon and silicon?) gaskets. Sai d if I mussed it up I could get coolant in my crank case. which already happened on account of a cracked pcv boot. That yellow gook. Was making a horrible noise for about 2 days, not exactly sure why. I attributed it to faulty evaporation. I've learned and am learning more about cars in the last year then the prior 30. Anyway I need to find a replacement coolant pipe (that goes under the plenum), or use hose.watcha think of that idea?
  13. Actually there are coolant ducts on the 3.4 Ventures. And ... it seems Felpro actually does just supply upper gaskets. Durned why I didn't see them earlier. A gentleman as usual RS.
  14. For a 3.4 '01 Venture? Please tell me where. 8, 15, 25$, no problem. I've only seen them in sets. There's cheapo sets for 40-50$, even Felpro at the high end. Seems wrong to waste that much just when you have to do it again.
  15. Have to do the upper and lower, but not both right now. Just need to pop my plenum up and would like to avoid buying the whole set (80$). Is any of the material good for 1 - 6 months? I have some gray carboardy stuff from Pep Boys on hand, used it for a water pump a while back. Would that even suffice???
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