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  1. I saw my first W-Body with the wrong stock wheels today!
  2. I will definitely put that number in my phone. Can't say that I travel to Marengo much other than to go the back way to Mt. Vernon, but I have been there a few times before.
  3. That is an amazing transformation. Man, that undercarriage looks impervious to pretty much anything. Excellent work.
  4. Awesome. I will do that. I'll paint and oil everything I can this spring. The reinforcement that she can last a bit longer gave me the motivation today to finally change the front strut mounts and fix the rear coil spring. In all the years I've had it, the car's never rode as nice as it does now plus hearing an L27 is much more appealing than clunking and groaning, respectively. I didn't think it was possible to enjoy a 20-year-old sedan this much. Every time I fix something, I love the car more. Thanks again, guys. Tony
  5. Those are actually in good shape. I had to change the struts last year and it has Monroe Sensatracs on the front and back. The only other place with rust other than surface rust is on the filler for the gas tank. I've used that POR-15 to coat the inside of a washing machine tub before. Smells awful but it does work. I will clean it up when the weather in Ohio is warmer consistantly. I feel more comfortable putting a bit more money into the old girl now. Thanks so much, guys. I'll keep you posted when I get around to it. Tony
  6. Hello there! Tony from Hilliard here and after lurking around the forum for the better part of a year, I actually have a question! I have a 1993 Regal Custom sedan. Got it from the original owner, my great uncle, in 2009. It's been the best car I've ever had. It has just under 150,000 miles on it. 3800. Everything works, even the A/C. Interior is in excellent shape, the paint is okay. I had the car up on jack stands to work on the brakes (naturally) and noticed that the rust on the rockers is much more severe than I thought. I know that the car is certainly not worth the money to fix the rust, nor will I ever be able to, but it runs and drives like a brand new car. It's never let me down and I'd like to keep it long enough that I can buy a newer Regal, perhaps one without a 60/40 front bench seat. How much time do you guys think I have before she's unsafe to drive? I have considered spraying oil up there to minimize damage to the rail itself, would that help keep it intact longer? The rest of the body is in good shape other than a fender and the rockers; this side is much worse than the passenger side. Thanks so much, Tony This is the car in question from a much more appealing angle.
  7. I have a 1993 Regal 3800 Series 1. I had issues with the air conditioning. I had it evacuated and changed the drier and it worked for a few months. Then it starting working sporadically. If I turned the car off and turned it back on, it the a/c would come back on. This worked until early September when it stopped completely. No compressor action. Thursday night, I went to get a pizza and the check gauges light came on. I noticed yesterday that the voltage was dropping. The alternator had failed. I took the belt off; it was in horrible shape. I went and got a Remy alternator and a Gates ribbed belt and put it back together. The voltage was back to normal and the air conditioner began working again. My question is this: do you guys think it was the cracked, ancient NAPA belt or the failing alternator that made the compressor stop working?
  8. That's pretty funny. My Uncle was from Toledo and that's where the Buick is from; all the warranty manuals say, "George Ballas GMC Buick, W. Central Avenue, Toledo." I still have family in Northwood.
  9. Hello Everyone! My name is Tony. I'm from Central Ohio and I have a 1993 Buick Regal Custom Sedan. Most laugh at my 60/40 bench, automatic on the column and my hood ornament but I love my Regal. The L27 never stops for anything and I get pretty darn good fuel economy for a '93 Buick of all things. It's my pride and joy. I've had it close to three years now. I look forward to seeing what other people with W-Body cars say, after they're done being disgusted by Grandpa's sedan. Tony
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