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  1. Hey guys, I discovered another solution to this delimma if your intake hose is still intact but your valve cover grommet is shot. It involves replacing the wasted rubber grommet end that sits in the rear valve cover with a PVC valve grommet for Toyota - Help Brand Part #42058 is pretty much a direct fit. I found it at Autozone for $3 Simply lube it up & the slide the PVC grommet into your rear valve cover. Remove all of the rubber junk grommet from the end of your vacuum line. Lube it up and push it into the grommet. It is a REALLY tight fit and I had to use some pliers to get the downforce - but, it slowly slid into place and sits there really tight. Just another way to skin the cat if your vacuum hose is still in one piece.
  2. I used the Moog White Nylon pads. The rubber on my spring was gone when I got the car (153K). Adding the "pucks" did change the camber a bit on the rear & raised it up - but it actually helped my rear, since the monoleaf was sliding on the steel knuckle. It made the ride much quieter and smoother. They've been in there 13K miles so far & doing great. I changed the rear struts after a few months with the pucks and the ride was even better.
  3. I did the same thing as George ^^. Worked perfect for me.
  4. TWilks

    New owner of a 92 Z34 Lumina

    Welcome. I had a 92 Z34 new when they came out. Loved that style and engine (3.4 DOHC), but man, that car chewed through brake pads & rotors. Enjoy your project car.
  5. TWilks

    Fuel cleaner/additives what have you tried?

    Same here - I've used it in all my cars. In my 95 Olds, it took care of some sluggish starts I was having for a while & spruced up the cold idle. It's pricey, but I've noticed that AutoZone or O'Reillys will frequently have a by one-get one offer. Then I just stock up.
  6. That looks like the part. I'm interested. Are they gray or black? Kinda need black ones to match the other car mouldings.
  7. Looking for a source that sells replacement trim for the rubber gutter/ trim that mounts to the body at the top of door edge? I'm not sure of the "technical" name for this part & cant seem to find any when I "google" it. (see pics below) - its the part that is screwed into the top of the body, just above the door weatherstripping. It runs the length of the door opening and diverts water away from the top of the door opening - when it works right. My gaskets have rusted internally (there is a metal plate / bar inside the rubber shell) and is buckling - which is allowing water to enter behind the weatherstripping and then leak into the interior. I water tested & water is getting inside the door weatherstripping and then leaking out at the bottom edge. I discovered this after having wet carpet in the passenger floorboard - front & back. I figured there were some w-body geniuses on this forum that might point me in the right direction? What is the name of this part? Who sells a replacement part like this?
  8. TWilks

    replacement power antenna

    I replaced my power antenna & now I have a grinding noise (sounds like plastic gears grinding) after the antenna reaches top & I have a whirring noise that happens for a second after it lowers. Is there some sort of power "limit" setting that turns the power off to the antenna after it reaches full height/lowers? It seems like the radio is sending power to the antenna for too long. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Im really diggin this forum & all the post everyone has shared about their rides. I bought a '95 Olds Cutlass SL 2 door this summer (153k, 3.1L, White, Black Leather interior, no rust) & I'm in the process of fixing all the little things that are present. I really enjoy driving this car & have got lots of compliments on it. This is my 2nd W Body. I had a 92 Lumina Z34 that I bought brand new & kept it till the 3rd kid came along & we couldn't fit car seats in the back seat anymore. I appreciate all the stuff everyone has shared about their rides and some of the "fixes". Looking forward to learning even more from you all.
  10. Thanks for such a great forum. I just bought a 95 Olds Cutlass last month (white w/ black leather, 2 door, 3.1 engine, 153K, sunroof) I had been looking around the web for solutions to the noisy rear end problem, when I ran across this forum. BINGO. After scanning through several of the posts, I found the culprit - worn monospring isolators- (and the best "work-around") to fix it. Noise - no - more. Great to see so many good quality posts here. I find myself coming back every few days just to get some more good ideas. Keep up the great work.
  11. Love the Z34. I had one new back in '93. It was fun to drive, lots of power - but, man- it seemed to eat brake pads. Wish I still had that ride sometimes.