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  1. Sorry, false alarm. So, i was working late on it. I was tired. I didn't have the battery connected properly. Thought when i saw some sparks from a little earlier that it was from that. After some sleep everything is okay right now. If you want to delete this so not to waste peoples time in a search that'd be fine with me.
  2. I had this smart idea that i'd use the car battery to quickly test my radiator fans that weren't turning on when A/C was on so i connected wires to the battery (with the car turned off) and accidentally touched the positive to the body and now car won't start. 1995 CS convertible. Any suggestions where to start diagnosing?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback, it really helped! now optional reading with a bunch of boring stuff in case anyone wants some extra info about my experience with this "project" with squeaks, belts and wrenches... the nut on my tensioner is around 3/4" i think. the reason i'm not 100% sure is that i didn't have a box wrench big enough (trying to build my tools up but not there yet) so i ended up using one of those wrenches plumbers use to undo nuts holding the faucet to the counter: chrome rod handle with black wrench head that closes to size. that worked great but probably not the best because it scraped up the nut a little bit but not too bad. my belt was fairly new and the reason i was changing it was because i had terrible squeaking in the engine compartment (probably from a power steering leak.) i stumbled onto a youtube video that said one of those Goodyear gatorback belts could quiet things down. continental bought that division from GY apparently so if anyone is interested it is now the continental elite poly-v belt. no wonder continent is buying divisions from GY, they know how to name things better! elite vs gatorback!!! the belt that fit my 95 cutlass convertible has 4060730 & 6PK1855 printed on the "box." btw, i believe amazon showed that part number would not fit my vehicle but on ebay someone had my vehicle listed for that belt so i bought it. it does work. UPDATE: just saw on a youtube video that the 6PK1855 means 6 groves and 1855 is he length (possibly in mm) and i noticed my old belt had that same marking so that's how to tell it would fit before buying. that's good to know. the only thing i'm not sure of yet is if the squeak stopped because i cleaned up a lot of the grease (just wiping no power wash) or because of the belt design. i'm thinking a little of the prior and a lot of the latter. hope that info helps someone else! thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the quick feedback. I felt like that might be the case but my ratchet is so thick especially with socket that i couldn't test it out. i may need to buy a tool.
  5. I have worked on my Trailblazer where there is a lot more room in the engine compartment but it is a lot different my the 95 Cutlass with 3.4L. Took me 2 seconds to figure out how to do the tensioner in the Trailblazer. Been looking at the convertible for a half hour with the coolant tank out and i still can't figure out how to loosen the belt. I believe the tensioner is (5-7 inches) below the power steering pump pulley but hell if i see a square whole for my ratchet anywhere near that thing. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. No. Thank you for the info! BTW, if anyone else loses their nut like I did... M8 1.25 fits on the original bolt that goes into the heim joint.
  7. This thread is awesome. Fixed my top for a few dollars. I thought for sure I was going to have to spend a few hundred to fix it. I bought the heim joints from Summit as recommended. A few things to note about the problem and the fix... My top popped one day while putting it up near the end of the Summer or early Fall last year. After searching and reading from this forum I didn't understand what to look for at first. I kept looking in the trunk and looking down into the sides where the back window is but couldn't figure out the problem. I was looking way down into the sides near the back window. I didn't realize it was right there easy to see if you know what to look for. Then a few days ago I started looking for the problem again since it is getting nice out. I finally noticed this rod near the back window and i grabbed it and it started swinging. I noticed on the end of the rod was a broken piece that was screwed on it. I looked to the other side and saw how it was attached. Then I realized what was going on. I ordered the heim joint from Summit. I actually ordered 4 of them but problem won't need more than 2 because they seem like the new ones will last. First thing I screwed on the new heim joint and the rod was way too high. I took off the new heim joint and compared it to the old part and it was the same length. So I tried to put the top partially down so I could get a different angle that maybe fit better and realized that wasn't getting me anywhere. So I put the top back up. The rod was missing! Then I felt it way down in the side under the rear window but it wouldn't pull up. I started to get a little worried. I realized the rod got turned up-side-down. I put the top down some, grabbed the rod and turned it back around. Luckily that was uneventful. I put the heim joint back on and it was still way too long. I started worrying again. Then I started turning the rod clockwise for a long time and it started getting closer to where it would go into place. I got it in position and put the bolt in. Actually it isn't 100% complete. The nut fell into the side of the car. I knew that was going to happen but I was too much of a hurry to put something there to catch it before working on it. So for now I have the bolt in there but no nut. But the top works like a charm. I plan on getting a nut within the next couple days. And I replaced the other side that wasn't broken and it went pretty smooth. Oh, yeah, the bolt is 1/2" and the nut on the other side is too. So i had an open end wrench 1/2" on the nut which was kind of hard to get on there and hold because of where it was. And used a 1/2" socket with ratchet on the bolt. Hopefully that helps someone know what to look for and how to fix the problem.
  8. My 1995 Convertible has a nice dent in the driver's side door and it would be a lot cheaper to get a door from a donor car than to repair and paint the door. So, I did search and saw the thread about compatibility between coupes and convertibles but it focused on door handles and door panels. So my two questions are... 1. Whill a coupe door with handles and everything on it fit the convertible? 1995 specifically 2. Do the 1995 coupes have the same door trim as 1995 convertibles? the updated interior Just trying to see if i can get a coupe door and just remove and install or will it not work or will i have to re-use my trim pieces or whatever. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the info! I looked in the trunk and moved some stuff out of the way and all i could see was rectangular things on the driver side and in he middle. But I only looked for a few minutes. Tomorrow I should have more time to investigate.
  10. I was putting my top down on my '95 the other morning and when it got all the way down I heard a pop! I tried to put the top up right away to see if something was messed up and sure enough the top seemed to only be powered on the passenger side. But really wouldn't go up with just the one side working. I got my wife and asked her to assist the top on the driver's side as I pushed the up button. That worked easily with the passenger side still working on its own and my wife slowly assisting the driver's side. This weekend I hope to check out what exactly happened. Any guess from what I described (the pop!)? Does the top only have one motor or is there one motor for each side? If there's only one motor then the motor seems to be fine and just something on the driver's side is bad, perhaps a top cylinder? From what I've read on the forum I will need to take the back seat out. Not sure how to do that. Also, do I have to remove the roll bar plastic for something? I thought I saw something about removing the plastic around the roll bar in order to get to a top part. Wasn't following exactly. Any videos available on here or youtube on how to remove the rear seat all the way to diagnose the top problem? I've a visual person. Reading I don't always get it right away. Thanks!
  11. Hello j_mezz... I plan on having my car awhile so I'd like to get 2 sets of switches and LED bulbs (4 switches and 8 bulbs) for the dome light. 2 sets bulbs (4 LED bulbs I believe for 2 sets?) for the map lights. If that is possible. TIA
  12. Sorry for the misinformation. I just thought if you went to metraonline and looked up the radio interface number for a particular vehicle and then searched ebay for that part number then you'd find some sellers with compatability list of vehicles with the same BUS and connectors. But I must have been mistaken. I can't find any ebay listings with compatibility info. Won't happen again.
  13. I kind of lost track of exactly which radio you want to replace with a G5 or Solstice radio (the GP or the Malibu or both and not sure if you meant you loved the Malibu or the radio in the Malibu) so hard for me to answer. One way to answer your questions though is ebay. If you search for a radio you like (e.g. search for: 1997 solstice radio) some times (like if it's a junk yard selling) they will give you a compatibility list. You can also search for a radio adapter or radio interface for the car you want to replace the radio on and the adapter compatibility will be displayed (e.g. search for: 2009 malibu radio harness or 2009 malibu radio interface) and you can see what other vehicles share the same connectors as your car. From there you might be able to figure out what other radios you can swap. I did an ebay search to find that the solstice had a monsoon radio with aux. I saw by searching for "monsoon solstice" and looked at the one result and saw in the pic there is clearly an aux input in the bottom right corner. It may take a little research (also you could go to PAC audio or and look for radio compatibility) unless someone on here knows off hand and can tell you, of course.
  14. thanks. yes, i had to clip the corners with a diagonal cutter.
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