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  1. bob rutledge

    1993 Grand Prix SE 3.1 coolant fans

    Correct on the AC pressure. The compressor is not kicking on as it is low on freon. Yes I know I have a bunch of stuff going on with this car.
  2. bob rutledge

    1993 Grand Prix SE 3.1 coolant fans

    I jumped the fans through where the relays are. removed the relay and jumper end 3 and 5.
  3. bob rutledge

    1993 Grand Prix SE 3.1 coolant fans

    As a side note the blower fan has been on its way out for a month and has finally died.
  4. bob rutledge

    1993 Grand Prix SE 3.1 coolant fans

    my daughters 93 Grand Prix is overheating. The fans will not cut on at all. I have run it in my driveway until at the red and no fans. When I cut the AC on the fans will not come on either. Even if I put AC at max and blower on high no fans. I can jumper them and they will come on so the fans are good. Could this be the temp sending unit? Also her blower motor has stopped working as well. Putting the blower motor on high does nothing, the blower does not blow any air. Could this be why the coolant fans are not coming on when I put the AC on max and the blower motor on high? Just throwing that out there. Any ideas appreciated.
  5. bob rutledge


    Hey, newb to here. Been on the gbody forum for quite a while, along with Performanceyears site. Search is a great thing if you know how to use it. I will be a member here for some time, hopefully my girls will take it easy on the GP and not make me work on it weekly. I am doing a couple of things to her right now. The back bumper cover is a little rough, one of the previous owners backed into something and spider cracked the passenger rear corner. Sanding and spot puttying it right now, should have some paint on it tomorrow. I can't believe how solid she is for 180k miles, I hope it stays that way for a while.
  6. bob rutledge


    Hey, new to the site and also new to Wbody Grand Prix. I have owned 4 Gbody Grand Prix, but this car is for my 2 daughters to share. 1993 GP SE. 3.1 with 180k miles. It runs great, but had to replace the battery. I broke a vacuum line when I replaced the battery but didn't see the break, so my cruise control didn't work and the AC just went through the defrost vents. I did a search on this site and came up with a vacuum diagram that helped me realize where I broke the line at. Today is also the first day that I thought it was running hot. I found another post that showed what temps the cooling fans came on, so I let the car run in the driveway for a while, and even though it seemed like it was getting pretty hot, up to 240ish maybe on the guage, the post I found stated the guage wasn't all that accurate, and sure enough, the cooling fan popped on. I was all set to try and troubleshoot some electrical grimlin and this site helped me out twice today. Thanks for the site and info contained within.