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    Married 27 years, husband is a professional fire fighter, we have one child- a daughter attending a catholic college in Cincinnati OH pursuing pediatric dentistry and she loves my 93 CS vert!...we named it "Roxanne". I enjoy being creative and searching for second hand treasures. I have been blessed with an artistic talent which includes sewing, repairing and painting furniture and improving my CS vert. My moto: "I can do anything just give me the instructions or an example and leave me alone"....I have worked in city government for the past 25 years.
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    Ashland, Kentucky, United States
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    My car, sewing, painting furniture, artisticly upcycling items, treasure hunting @ 2nd hand stores
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    Secretary III for Dir of Planning & Community Dev and for Dir of Economic Dev

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  1. Everyone here at has been very generous with their time and talents therefore I would like to share a copy of my Cutlass Supreme Convertible Supplement. It is for 1990-1991 models but I have found it very useful for my 1993 model. It addresses Roof and Top, Stationary Glass, Doors, Rear Quarters and other convertible specific items. Please visit my albums to view them. If you would like a PDF, please message me with YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and I will gladly email you the files. I HOPE YOU FIND THEM HELPFUL.
  2. Just a thought.....I recently had trouble with my RKE. The fob would open the trunk but not lock or unlock the doors. I tracked the problem down. It was a bad power lock relay (located under the clove box to the right). Replaced it and all is good now! Good Luck! BTW I had already had the RKE box refurbished when the relay went bad.
  3. Do you have any of these available? I got some from you a few years ago but when I had them installed when I got my car painted I believe the body shop cut them so now they are too short. I am having a new top put on in a few weeks and thought I might get a pair. Thanks!
  4. When having a new convertible top installed ALWAYS consider replacing the belts. Has my top replaced 4 years ago and shop said mine we in good shape. Now I am taking it to another shop to have them replaced because the are dry rotted and ripping. At the cost of 500.00. They have to remove the top and reinstall after replacing the belts. Don't make the same mistake I did!
  5. I have a 1993 DOHC. It's red with graphite leather interior and a black top. I drive her every day to work , which is only a few miles from home. I bought her about 4 years ago from a co-worker of my husband for $1,000. I have been restoring her ever since then. New: top and weather stripping, windshield, windshield lace, tires, Delco battery, gas tank, fuel pump, struts, brakes, rotars, ac compressor and condenser, computer, iginition control module, water pump, power steering pump and pulley, alternator, starter, belts, rack, idle control module, blend door, cup holder inside console, oem lug nut covers, Used but better: dash, speedo with tach, leather front seats, recovered console lid, window controls (driver and passenger), rebuilt remote keyless entry receiver (thanks W-Body) , headlights header, front passenger wheel well, visors, redyed carpet and floor mats . Various small used and new parts. Had her painted this spring so I am thinking about parking her and covering her on bad days this winter and driving our old "spare" a 89 Chevy S10 Tahoe. My daughter has my Taurus at college three hours away and my husband drives the family car to work. Don't see many Cutlass convertibles here either, only two I can recall. One belonged to a girlfriend's dad but he just sold it. He sold it within hours of the first publication in the newspaper. I have to say, mine is the best looking of the two here in town!
  6. I see the last activity on this subject was in 2012 but I have a suggestion on the climate control issue. Last fall my 93 would only allow hot air through the vents. After replacing a blend door (which I now believe was perfectly ok) if didn't fix the problem. After researching it, I decided to replace the automatic temperature control sensor located under the clove box. It was plug and play. I found one on the internet. I replaced it and fixed my problem. Maybe it could be the sensor not working?
  7. Does anyone have the part number or know where I can get two new rubber stops that attach to the hinges of the trunk on the cutlass supreme convertible? One of mine is missing and the other is deteriorated. Thanks!
  8. Good Evening! I am interested in a set of switches and LED's. Have any available?
  9. I recently used lacquer remover (purchased from Auto Zone) to remove the clear coat from mine. I applied it with a microfiber cloth and rubbed it off. It took several evenings working at it but they look great. The clear coat on mine was deteriorated and it made the wheels look like they needed painted. The silver paint is still in great condition. You would not believe the difference it made. I have driven it all summer without any issues. Maybe what you see is the clear coat deteriorating and not the silver paint. It would be worth a try.
  10. Has anyone installed an AFTERMARKET Keyless starter/door locks and trunk release in their CS vert? My RKE is not working besides it would be nice to remotely start the car in the winter. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  11. What brand and type of velcro did you use? I have used 3M and it worked for a while but the heat loosend the glue and they wouldn't stay in place.
  12. Has anyone ever drilled and used screws to hold their A pillar interior trim in place after the clips break? I have had them glued several times but the summer heat keeps loosening them.
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