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  1. So i love my 92z34 but shes been sitting in Eastland TX for almost 4 years now and im finally going to get her and bring her home but i need a door. Ive twice been able to get doors even finding another black z 34 but life has happened and both doors were lost befoe i could them and the car in the same place, now i cant even find a single lumina. Just rwanted tonsee if people who frequent junkyards wpuld want to start helping each other out when looking for these cars and increasingly hard to find parts.
  2. I know this seems a dead issue, since the last post was 2003 mine has started doing this as well, no ticking at cold start but once the engine is nice and warm get a noticeable tick coming from bottm of the car. forums ive read im hoping its the timing chain tensioner but would like a little more before I take it to the shop. My z has 212k miles and still runs like a champ except for the ticking
  3. Hey just a guy that obsessed with his well worn 1992 blk/gry lumina z34 trying to resotre it and desperatly wants to do the N* V8 Conversion

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