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  1. . I know a few guys that have just pulled all the special stuff they can and the VIN tag and put them on a donor car. I know on the old stuff, you just had to order the special rivets, not sure about something this new. Yes it's NOT the actual special car, but if you don't try to scam anyone, it's a way to save your special car. .
  2. . The worse thing I ever saw was a big fat old man come up to a car and sat his fat ass on the fiberglass front end???? Nate was in shock and didn't know what to say. You have an old man sitting on your car which is bad, but a brand new fiberglass front end & paint job is brutal. Finally he says something about if you buy it you can sit on it, if not get off my damn car. The old fool didn't even say sorry or I was out of breath. Just something about what's the big deal??? .
  3. . People are beyond greedy, selfish, losers now a day. Gimmie gimmie gimmie is the only thing many if not most care about. They drive like they are the queen of England. They talk to people like they are their gardener. They want everyone else to pay for everything, so they don't have to pay their share. I have to drive back to the store if the girl gives me a dollar too much back. I want only what I earn, nothing more, nothing less!!!! .
  4. . Which way do you usually park, east or west?? .
  5. . This still a go??? Trailer is empty, car is on the ground and rolling. Couldn't load today because it rained so damn much, but I'm still trying to make it up there tomorrow!!! .
  6. . Heading to the shop in 30 seconds to load up the car. Let's hope for clear weather Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
  7. . That's cool, it was a miserable day down here .
  8. . Well I'm going to make the call for myself, with a 65-70% chance of thunderstorms, 30 MPH winds, and being old & not great health, I'm staying indoors. It would be silly to risk my trailer, and risk causing myself more health issues outside in a storm. If you guys go for it, I hope for the best, and be careful!!!!! I'm going to go down and work on my engine at my crew chiefs house. Have fun guys. .
  9. . Actually I meant only W-body guys for the forum, not just filler cars for this particular meet. I can always bring the trailer empty, it's pretty big, and I would bet with a pop up or 2, there would be plenty of room to cook and hang?? That being said, my car does not see rain ever, it's not made to keep out water, and I still have several spots of bare metal I haven't finished painting yet since welding in upgrades. .
  10. . Have you guys ever tried to get more members from other forums like yellow bullet or TCG??? .
  11. . OK, picked up new plates and ordered insurance for the trailer, so as long as I get off my butt and empty it out, I can make it. .
  12. . I'll go get new plates for the trailer tomorrow, and start cleaning it out, it's still full of parts from a swap meet. If you guys decide it's a go, I would come up, it's not that far from my shop. It does take 2 people to load & unload, so I would need help when I get there. .
  13. . Is there room for a 60' rig to park & unload??? I would love to meet & show off my Lumina with others that don't look down at it!!! .
  14. . The white nose & doors are the fiberglass parts for sale. .
  15. . It's actually pretty easy, they cheat!!!!!!!!!!! There is absolutely nothing from an actual Lumina used. They build a NHRA legal chassis, and stick a fiberglass or carbon fiber body on it when they are done. .
  16. Fiberglass nose, with backbone already installed. $500.00 Hood, cutout for engine mounted scoop. $200.00 Doors, no hardware or lexan. $500.00 Switched to all carbon fiber, was saving for an emergency, but running out of space.
  17. . I'm restoring an old truck now that sat for a few years, most of my trouble is the damn fuel pressure keeps dying. Going to drop both tanks and all lines as soon as it warms up, and make sure nothing is floating around causing intermittent clogs??? .
  18. . Pushing some website???? .
  19. . Still plugging away at gathering parts. Should be ordering pistons next week. Nobody makes what I need, so I have to make a plug & have them custom made?? .
  20. . RT 66 is weird, they are open so rarely, you never know if there will be 200 cars, or 30??? I know when I'm there, the fast cars NEVER get more then 3 runs, if you're lucky, but it sure seems like the slow guys are going past us 2-3 times before we make a hit?? They also punch tickets, so I really don't know how they do slow cars?? but it sure seems like they run more then us?? Maybe they just have that many that look the same?? .
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