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  1. Id be doing a manual conversion on anything I bought that isnt manual already. A 3.4 manual GTP would be cool. I still remember my Z34 with a chip (fast forward performance maybe?) and it was a fun ride.
  2. Anyone have a mint STE or TGP they want to sell? I might want to get back into it!
  3. Yes sir - still in miserable old cold new england :-) I don't believe you! You know you want to get another Regal or Z34 and start posting regularly again. I would still like to get one - I still have the dream of a Regal GS, in black, with a 3.1 turbo and a 5 speed manual.... I've been too busy working on race cars to do anything about it though - and no space. Soon as I get a bigger house with a bigger garage, I'll try to undertake the project. Who all has the coolest W-Bodies these days? Any cool cars with manuals still running around?
  4. I wonder if Jason still has that car. I loved it. I loved Josh's too though - I still have a ton of old emails from him back when I was thinking of doing the 5-speed swap. Such a good guy.
  5. So who did own that white cutlass? I know I got the pics from Josh back in 01 or 02. Anybody have any 4 door 5-speeds nowadays? I'd buy one if I could find one in really nice shape.
  6. Probably my favorite W of all time - 3.1 turbo 5 speed cutlass sedan. RIP Joshua. Anyone have any more pics of this car or know what ever happened to it?
  7. My turn: I also posted this in my lurker thread. Here's pics from our w-body meet in August 2002 in MA The Buick: The Z34: Together:
  8. Here's another blast from the past. Anyone remember the W-Body meet we had in MA in august 2002? (TEN YEARS AGO!!!)
  9. It was a 72 fleetwood brougham. 472 engine. :-)
  10. The firehawk was an 01 trans am - just regular pop-up headlights... Shawn, would it happen to be this picture????
  11. Yep Shawn thats me :-) Jeremy my daily driver is a 2001 Boxster and my fun car is an 08 vette. I've gotten really into LeMons racing as well (in addition to the rotax karts) and we race a 1994 Accord Coupe there - we've even won a race and finished in the top five a few times as well. What are you all guys driving around nowadays? I miss my Ws and i wish i never sold my Buick or my Z34, although the Z34 funded my down payment for the firehawk which funded the down payment for the vette :-) Damn you Christo for crashing the Z34! :-) I actually lurk pretty regularly - i'm mainly interested in the 5-speed content - those have always been my favorite w-bodies. I still dream of a black on black Regal GS with a 3.1 turbo and a 5-speed - the w-body Grand National that never was...
  12. Anyone still around from the REALLY old days? (like a decade ago or more?) I still keep my eyes open for cool w-bodies even 9 years removed from owning one. I have even raced against a couple of them in lemons racing!
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