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  1. STR


  2. broke my belt at around 4000 rpm's, no problems here. 1991
  3. I tested my block heater plug and it's not powering up. Does anyone know where the block heater is on the block so i can re-wire/plug it back in? Thanks.
  4. STR

    About 3.4 Engine

    i broke my belt @ 4000 rpm's. No bent valves.
  5. you only need the T-60 to change the rotor, socket only for pads.
  6. 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC i would buy 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC 3.4DOHC
  7. STR


    i always get a shock. Try holding the metal part of the door until you get out of the car. this will keep you grounded. you build up a charge from rubbing the seat with your ass when leaving the car.
  8. STR

    Gauge Cluster Swap

    i did the swap on my old base Lumina 3.1L I never changed the sensors yet. Still works and looks great!
  9. I think the test should be done on the same car, with an auto tran.
  10. STR

    So what's new?

    I was from efi My Z34 is still working...for now
  11. STR

    94+ E-brake

    yeah, I did. Very easy too. All you need to do for the part at the caliper is to grind off the little spring at the ends of the e-brake cables and hook them on the caliper. Then you will need to unscrew the eq-bar that ties the two rear cables to the one cable going into the car. Add about an inch of washers to even out the rear cables and tighten up. Here is a pic.
  12. I have the RSM upper and lowers done. Who ever did it for them did a nice job. Works great! Some people here don't like RSM, personally i had no problems with them. They will charge a core though.
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